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(Usually written "*plonk*") The sound a newbie makes as he falls to the bottom of a kill file.

In the first of a series of humourous books by Stephen Potter, "One-Upmanship" (published in 1952) a "plonk" - a pompous bit of misinformation said in a "plonking" tone - was a key feature of his advice on how to "creatively intimidate" someone by making them feel inferior and thereby gain the status of being "one-up" on them. Since these efforts are usually transparently pathetic, the term became widely applied to any idiotic statement.

The term appeared on-line in the Usenet newsgroup talk.bizarre and, by 1994, was widespread on Usenet and mailing lists as a form of public ridicule.

The term may have been influenced by British slang "plonker" for someone behaving stupidly. The expansion "Person with Little Or No Knowledge" may be a backronym.

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