up}'s {CORBA} 1.1 (Common Object

Request Broker Architecture) specifies the interface between objects. IDL (Interface Definition Language) is the base mechanism for object interaction.

The SunSoft OMG IDL CFE (Compiler Front End) version 1.2 provides a complete framework for building CORBA 1.1-compliant preprocessors for OMG IDL. To use it you write a back-end. A complete compiler of IDL would translate IDL into client side and server side routines for remote communication in the same manner as Sun's current RPCL compiler. The IDL compiler front end allows integration of new back ends which can translate IDL to various programming languages.

Several companies including Sunsoft are building back ends to the CFE which translate IDL into target languages, e.g. Pascal or C++, in the context of planned CORBA-compliant products. IDL requires C++ 2.1.

Not to be confused with any of the other IDLs.

E-mail: <[email protected]>.

ftp://omg.org/pub/omg_idl_cfe.tar.Z, ftp://omg.org/pub/OMG_IDL_CFE_1.2/.

Telephone: Mache Creeger, SunSoft, Inc. +1 (415) 336 5884.

Last updated: 1993-05-04

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