2^30 bits, 1,073,741,824 bits.

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gigabits per second


(Gbps) A unit of information transfer rate equal to one billion bits per second. Note that, while a gigabit is defined as a power of two (2^30 bits), a gigabit per second is defined as a power of ten (10^9 bits per second, which is slightly less) than 2^30).

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(GB or colloquially "gig") A unit of data equal to one billion bytes but see binary prefix for other definitions. A gigabyte is 1000^3 bytes or 1000 megabytes.

A human gene sequence (including all the redundant codons) contains about 1.5 gigabytes of data.

1000 gigabytes are one terabyte.

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Human genome data content.

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(GFLOPS) One thousand million (10^9) floating point operations per second.

One of them is strictly "one gigaflops" in the same way that one mile per hour isn't 1 MP.

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(GHz) Billions of cycles per second.

The unit of frequency used to measure the clock rate of modern digital logic, including microprocessors.

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