Get a life!


Standard way of suggesting that someone has succumbed to terminal geekdom. Often heard on Usenet, especially as a way of suggesting that the target is taking some obscure issue of theology too seriously. This exhortation was popularised by William Shatner on a "Saturday Night Live" episode in a speech that ended "Get a *life*!", but some respondents believe it to have been in use before then. It was certainly in wide use among hackers for at least five years before achieving mainstream currency in early 1992.

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Get a real computer!


A typical hacker response to news that somebody is having trouble getting work done on a toy system or bitty box.

The threshold for "real computer" rises with time. As of mid-1993 it meant multi-tasking, with a hard disk, and an address space bigger than 16 megabytes. At this time, according to GLS, computers with character-only displays were verging on "unreal". In 2001, a real computer has a one gigahertz processor, 128 MB of RAM, 20 GB of hard disk, and runs Linux.

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<operating system>

A command which can be created using debug in MS DOS to set the errorlevel according to which key is pressed. The errorlevel can then be interrogated from a batch file by a series of commands like this:

 if errorlevel 118 goto E118
 if errorlevel 117 goto E117
 if errorlevel 116 goto E116
 if errorlevel 115 goto E115
 if errorlevel 114 goto E114

where E118 etc. are labels in the batch file.

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<operating system>

A Unix program which sets terminal type, modes, speed and line discipline for a serial port, and is used in the login process.

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