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Suffix used in the terms big-endian and little-endian that describe the ordering of bytes in a multi-byte number.

The term comes from Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" via the famous paper "On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace" by Danny Cohen, USC/ISI IEN 137, 1980-04-01.

The Lilliputians, being very small, had correspondingly small political problems. The Big-Endian and Little-Endian parties debated over whether soft-boiled eggs should be opened at the big end or the little end.

See also middle-endian, holy wars, NUXI problem, swab.

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endless loop

infinite loop

End Of Line


(EOL) Synonym for newline, derived perhaps from the original CDC 6600 Pascal. The abbreviation "EOL" is now rare, but widely recognised and occasionally used for brevity. Used in the example entry under BNF.

Out of context this would probably be (deliberately) ambiguous because different systems used different (combinations of) characters to mark the end of a line. Unix uses a line feed; DOS uses carriage return, line feed (CRLF) and the Macintosh uses carriage return.

See also EOF.

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End of Medium


(EM) ASCII character 25.

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End Of Text


End Of Transmission


(EOT) The mnemonic for ASCII character 4.

end tag


end-to-end solution


(E2ES) A term that suggests that the supplier of an application program or system will provide all the hardware and/or software components and resouces to meet the customer's requirement and no other supplier need be involved.

Compare: turn-key solution.

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End Transmission Block


(ETB) The mnemonic for ASCII character 23.

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The person who uses a computer application, as opposed to those who developed or support it. The end-user may or may not know anything about computers, how they work, or what to do if something goes wrong. End-users do not usually have administrative responsibilities or privileges.

End users are certain to have a different set of assumptions than the developers who created the application.

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