drop cable

Wiring between a computer and its Ethernet transceiver. Maximum length if full-spec is 47m.

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[analogy with drop-outs] Spurious characters appearing on a terminal or console as a result of line noise or a system malfunction of some sort. Especially used when these are interspersed with one's own typed input.

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drop on the floor

To react to an error condition by silently discarding messages or other valuable data. "The gateway ran out of memory, so it just started dropping packets on the floor." Also frequently used of faulty mail and netnews relay sites that lose messages. See also black hole, bit bucket.


1. A variety of "power glitch" (see glitch); momentary zero voltage on the electrical mains.

2. Missing characters in typed input due to software malfunction or system overload (one cause of such behaviour under Unix when a bad connection to a modem swamps the processor with spurious character interrupts; see screaming tty).

3. Mental glitches; used as a way of describing those occasions when the mind just seems to shut down for a couple of beats. See glitch, fried.

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