operating system entries

16-bit application     32-bit application     386BSD     386SPART.PAR     Accounting File     Active Directory     actor     address space     Advanced Interactive eXecutive     AEGIS     AIDX     alert     alias     Allegro     Amoeba     Andrew File System     Angel     application program     ArchBSD     Architecture Neutral Distribution Format     archive     Artemis microkernel     asynchronous     AUTOEXEC.BAT     A/UX     background     backup     backup rotation     Bad command or file name     bang path     Basic Input/Output System     Basic Operating System     Basic Programming Support     batch file     BeOS     Berkeley Software Distribution     block     blow away     Blue Box     Blue Screen of Life     bomb     boot block     boot disk     bootstrap     bootstrap loader     BOS     Broadway     BS2000     BSD/OS     button     CAE     capability     cd     chain     child process     Chorus     chroot     CLI     clipboard     CMAY     cmd     cold boot     command     Command Control Processor     command interpreter     command line interface     Common Applications Environment     Common Desktop Environment     Communications Server     Compatible Timesharing System     COMPL     CONFIG.SYS     console     context-sensitive menu     context switch     Control Program     Control Program for Microcomputers     Convergent Technologies Operating System     cookie file     cooperative multitasking     core dump     cron     C shell     .cshrc     CTOS     daemon     Darwin     Dataless Management Services     dataless management utility     data set     data set organization     Debian     Debian GNU/Hurd     delete     demon     descriptor     desktop     Desktop Management Interface     device driver     Device Manager     differential backup     Disk Operating System     disk operating system     Distributed Network Operating System     DNIX     DOS     DOS/360     dot file     double-click     driver     DTSS     dual boot     dump     earliest deadline first     Eden     Edinburgh Multi Access System     Enhanced Directory Service     EntireX     environment variable     EPOC     epoch     ERGO-Shell     es     exec     EXEC 2     EXEC 8     executable     executable content     Execute Channel Program     execution     executive     Extended System Configuration Data     Extensible Shell     fatal error     fatal exception     fat binary     FCB     FDISK     Fedora     file control block     file descriptor     file system     Finder     flat file     fork     format     Fredette's Operating System Interface Language     FreeBSD     fsck     FTX     GCOS     GEM     GEORGE 3     get.com     getty     gid     GNU Network Object Model Environment     GNUStep     grabber pointer     Grandfather, Father, Son     Graphical User Interface     Grim File Reaper     group identifier     guru meditation     HAL     handle     hard boot     Hardware Abstraction Layer     HCF     here document     Hewlett Packard Multi Processing Executive     history     Host Command Facility     Houston Automatic Spooling Program     HP-SUX     HP-UX     Hungry ViewKit     Hurd     identifier     IFS     incremental backup     Initial Microprogram Load     Initial Program Load     Initial Program Loader     input/output     input/output redirection     installable file system     installer     Interactive System Productivity Facility     internal field separators     Inter-process Communication     Intrinsics     Intuition     IRIX     JES2     JES3     job     Job Control Language     Job Entry System     journal     kernel     Lan Manager     lib     light-weight process     lilo     Linux     Linux Loader     Lisp Machine     List Enhanced     load balancing     Local Shared Resources     log     look and feel     LSR     Macintosh Operating System     Macintosh user interface     MacMinix     Mac OS X     managed code     master boot record     memory dump     menu     menu bar     microkernel     Microsloth Windows     Microsoft Disk Operating System     Microsoft Windows     MINIX     MiNT     Missed'em-five     mouse droppings     mouse trails     MPC     MTOS     Multics     Multiple Virtual Storage     Multipop-68     Multi-tasking Program for Microcomputers     MultiTOS     multi-user     mutual exclusion     named pipe     NetBSD     Netware Input/Output Subsystem     Network File System     Network Operating System     network operating system     NEXTSTEP     Novell DOS     Novell NetWare     NSFIP     NSS     Object Linking and Embedding     OpenBSD     Open Desktop     OpenDoc     Open Look     OpenStep     Open System Architecture     OpenWindows     operating system     Operating System/360     Operating System/Multiprogramming of Fixed Tasks     orphan process     OS     OS/390     OS-9     OS/MVT     OS/VS2     page     paging     panic     Parallel Sysplex     parent process     passphrase     path     Phoenix     pipe     .plan     Plan 9     plan file     pointer     port     portability     Portable Operating System Interface     PowerOpen Environment     pre-emptive multitasking     priority scheduling     process     process identifier     process table     PROM monitor     pull-down list     pull-down menu     QDOS     QNX     RAM disk     rare mode     raw mode     real operating system     Realtime Disk Operating System     Real-Time Operating System     reboot     Record Management Services     Red Hat     redirection     regular expression     Remote Job Entry     Rhapsody     RISCiX     RISC OS     root     RPM     RSTS/E     RT-11     RTS     run-time environment     run-time library     sacadm     safe mode     same-day service     sandbox     SCANDISK     scratch disk     scrollable list     ScumOS     Secure Shell     semaphore     sh     shadow ram     shebang     shell     shell script     shell variable     signal     Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line     slack     slackware     sleep     SMS     snap     snap dump     soft boot     Solaris     Sonata     spawn     SPOOL     spool     spooler     Sprite     ssh     standard input/output     Steve's Shell     sticky bit     stream     STREAMS     su     SunOS     SVC     swap     swap file     swap space     synchronous     SYSKEY     Sysplex     System 7.5     System Account Manager     system call     System Management Server     system software     Tape Operating System     taskbar     TCB     tee     Tempo     termcap     Terminal Oriented Real Time Operating System     Terminal Productivity eXecutive     T.H.E     time-sharing     Time Sharing Option     time slice     toolbar     TOS     Transaction Processing Facility     Transient Program Area     TRUENAME     tunafish     TWENEX     .twmrc     TYMCOM-X     type-ahead     TZ     Ultrix     uninstaller     universal thunk     Unix     Unixism     Unix manual page     UnixWare     UN*X     user identifier     user name     Valencia Simple Tasker     vector     Version 7     VFAT     Virtual Device Driver     Virtual Machine     Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System     Virtual Machine Environment     Virtual Memory System     Virtual Storage Extended     VME     VOS     VSTa     VxWorks     WabiServer     warm boot     WebObjects     wild card     WIMP     Win32s     window manager     Windows     Windows 1     Windows 2     Windows 2000     Windows 3.0     Windows 3.1     Windows 3.11     Windows/386     Windows 94     Windows 95     Windows 98     Windows 9X     Windows Application Binary Interface     Windows CE     Windows for Workgroups     Windows Millennium Edition     Windows NT     Windows NT 3.1     Windows NT 3.5     Windows NT 4     Windows Registry     Windows XP     Windows XP Professional Edition     workflow     X11R6     XENIX     XFree86 Project, Inc.     X server     xterm     X Window System     Yellow Box     zombie     zombie process     z/OS