messaging entries

address bookline eaterRFC 1341
altListservRFC 1521
alt.sourcesLocal Mail Transfer ProtocolRFC 1568
Andrew Message SystemlurkingRFC 1730
annoybotmailRFC 1756
Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderationmail bombRFC 2045
barfmailmailboxRFC 2046
Blind Carbon Copymail bridgeRFC 2047
btoamail exchangerRFC 2048
CancelmooseMail Exchange RecordRFC 2049
Cancelpoodlemail exploderRFC 2060
cascademail filterRFC 2061
channel opmail gatewayRFC 821
chatmailing listRFC 822
CIXmail mergeRiordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail
Computer Mediated Communicationmail serverSecure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
discussion groupmail user agentsendmail
distributionMail Users'
dup loopMajordomoShort Message Service
electronic magazinemasqueradingsignature
electronic mailMCI Mailsig quote
electronic mail addressMessage Digest 5Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
electronic meetingMessage Handling SystemSMS
elmMessage Transfer Agentsnail mail
EMBLA ProMessaging Application Programming Interfacesource route
emoticonMicrosoft Exchangespam
ESMTPMicrosoft Mailspelling flame
Fight-o-netMulti-channel Memorandum Distribution Facilitystore and forward
flameMultimedia Messaging Servicessubscribe
flame baitMUSHtalk
flame onnet.-Thunderbird
flame warnewsfrouptopic drift
forumnewsgrouptopic thread
g filenews readerTSIA
Hotline ConnectNSA line eaterUnique ID Listing
Hotmailparent messageUnix to Unix Copy
Imminent Death Of The Net Predicted!POP3Usenet
Internet Message Access ProtocolPost Office Protocolvoice mail
Internet Relay Chatprimary management domainweb mail
ircopProfessional Office SystemWindows Messaging
Java Message Servicepull mediawindows messaging
Keyboard Commandopush mediawormhole routing
Keyed-Hashing Message AuthenticationRFC 1081X.400
letterbombRFC 1321X.409