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abduction     algebra     AND     axiom     Axiom of Choice     Axiom of Comprehension     axiom schema     Boolean     Boolean algebra     Boolean logic     Charme     classical logic     clause     combinatory logic     complement     complete inference system     complete theory     Conjunctive Normal Form     connective     converse     definite clause     definite sentence     DeMorgan's theorem     equational logic     exclusive or     first-order logic     Giuseppe Peano     Gottlob Frege     Horn clause     iff     implies     induction     inference     inference rule     intuitionistic logic     intuitionistic probability     Lambada-Calculus     lemma     logic     logical complement     modal logic     most general unifier     NAND     natural deduction     neutrosophic logic     neutrosophic probability     neutrosophic set     non-constructive proof     NOT     OR     paraconsistent probability     paradox     predicate logic     proof     proof theory     proposition     propositional logic     quantifier     resolution     schema     sentence     SLD resolution     sound     sum of products     symbolic logic     tautological probability     tautological set     tautology     temporal logic     truth table     two-valued logic     Universal algebra