humour entries

any keyApril Fool's Jokeasbestos cork award
asbestos longjohnsas sensible as a dictionaryattoparsec
autopilot codebackward combatabilitybaklava code
banana problembarnacle codeBastard Operator From Hell
Bend Over, Here It Comes AgainBerzerkeleyBig Room
block transfer computationsBloombugBlue Screen of Death
brain fartBranch and HangBranch on Chip Box Full
cargo cult programmingchug reportChurch of the SubGenius
code policecokebottleCOME FROM
considered harmfulcontinental driftConway's Law
counterbugcut-and-waste codecyberchondriac
cyberrheacyberspasticdancing frog
debugging an empty fileDilbertdinosaurs mating
doctype decorationDon't do that then!Dorito Syndrome
drug reportDSUDwarf Storage Unit
eat flaming deathEgyptian bracketsEl Camino Bignum
Electing a PopeEOUeraser stains code
Eric Conspiracyesoteric programming languageExcalibur bug
fat electronsfear-driven developmentFermat's Last Post
Finagle's Lawfine adjusterFISH queue
Flash Lights ImpressivelyFlyspeck 3friode
garbageabetical orderGarbage In, Garbage Outghetto code
gilleyGodwin's LawGreen's Theorem
Halt and Catch Firehate-driven developmentHiggs Bugson
Hindenbughydra codeICBM address
Infinite Monkey TheoremINTERCALIO
Jargon FileJEDRJenga Code
kicking dead whales down the beachLambada-CalculusLER
light-emitting resistorlike nailing jelly to a treelion food
lmgtfy.comload-bearing printfLoch Ness Monster Bug
loveLubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomologymagic smoke
Marginal Hacksmaximum Maytag modeMCSE
memory fartsmickeymillihelen
Minesweeper, Chess, Solitaire ExpertMurphy's Lawnanoacre
nastisticalneighborhood bike codenewsfroup
Ninety-Ninety Rulenotspotnotwork
NP-hilariousNP trickyobjectfuscated code
Objectionable-CohnosecondOutside Awareness Port
PEBCAKplug and prayPokémon exception handling
Pretty Amazing New StuffPrisoner of BillProgrammer Brain Damage
Programmer's Cheerpsytonravioli code
Real ProgrammerReal Programmers Don't Use PascalReal Soon Now
refuctoringrusty memorysame-day service
sausage codescar tissue codescratch monkey
shrug reportsmoke-emitting diodesmug report
Sod's Lawspaghetti inheritancespaghetti with meatballs code
square-headed girlfriendstringly typedSwiss Army Code
system manglertunafishUFO bug
unaryUnicornyUser Brain Damage
Use the Source LukeUTSLWindows 94
World-Wide Waitwrite-only memory