humour entries

April Fool's Jokeasbestos cork awardasbestos longjohns
as sensible as a dictionaryattoparsecautopilot code
backward combatabilitybaklava codebanana problem
barnacle codeBastard Operator From HellBend Over, Here It Comes Again
BerzerkeleyBig Roomblock transfer computations
BloombugBlue Screen of Deathbogometer
bogo-sortBOHICAbrain fart
Branch and HangBranch on Chip Box Fullcargo cult programming
chug reportChurch of the SubGeniuscode police
cokebottleCOME FROMconsidered harmful
continental driftConway's Lawcounterbug
cut-and-waste codecyberchondriaccyberrhea
cyberspasticdancing frogdebugging an empty file
Dilbertdinosaurs matingdoctype decoration
Don't do that then!Dorito Syndromedrug report
DSUDwarf Storage Uniteat flaming death
Egyptian bracketsEl Camino BignumElecting a Pope
EOUeraser stains codeEric Conspiracy
esoteric programming languageExcalibur bugfat electrons
fear-driven developmentFermat's Last PostFinagle's Law
fine adjusterFISH queueFlash Lights Impressively
Flyspeck 3friodegarbageabetical order
Garbage In, Garbage Outghetto codegilley
Godwin's LawGreen's TheoremHalt and Catch Fire
hate-driven developmentHiggs BugsonHindenbug
hydra codeICBM addressInfinite Monkey Theorem
JEDRJenga Codekicking dead whales down the beach
Lambada-CalculusLERlight-emitting resistor
like nailing jelly to a treelion
load-bearing printfLoch Ness Monster Buglove
Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomologymagic smokeMarginal Hacks
maximum Maytag modeMCSEmemory farts
mickeymillihelenMinesweeper, Chess, Solitaire Expert
Murphy's Lawnanoacrenastistical
neighborhood bike codenewsfroupNinety-Ninety Rule
NP trickyobjectfuscated codeObjectionable-C
ohnosecondOutside Awareness PortPEBCAK
plug and prayPokémon exception handlingPretty Amazing New Stuff
Prisoner of BillProgrammer Brain DamageProgrammer's Cheer
psytonravioli codeReal Programmer
Real Programmers Don't Use PascalReal Soon Nowrefuctoring
rusty memorysame-day servicesausage code
scar tissue codescratch monkeyshrug report
smoke-emitting diodesmug reportSod's Law
spaghetti inheritancespaghetti with meatballs codesquare-headed girlfriend
stringly typedSwiss Army Codesystem mangler
tunafishUFO bugunary
UnicornyUser Brain DamageUse the Source Luke
UTSLWindows 94World-Wide Wait
write-only memory