humour entries

ADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOLElecting a Popenastistical
AI koanEOUneighborhood bike code
any keyeraser stains codenewsfroup
April Fool's JokeEric ConspiracyNinety-Ninety Rule
asbestos cork awardExcalibur bugnotspot
asbestos longjohnsfat electronsnotwork
as sensible as a dictionaryfear-driven developmentNP-hilarious
attoparsecFermat's Last PostNP tricky
autopilot codeFinagle's Lawobjectfuscated code
backward combatabilityfine adjusterObjectionable-C
baklava codeFISH queueohnosecond
banana problemFlash Lights ImpressivelyOutside Awareness Port
barnacle codeFlyspeck 3PEBCAK
Bastard Operator From Hellfriodeplug and pray
Bend Over, Here It Comes Againgarbageabetical orderPokémon exception handling
BerzerkeleyGarbage In, Garbage OutPretty Amazing New Stuff
Big Roomghetto codePrisoner of Bill
block transfer computationsgilleyProgrammer Brain Damage
BloombugGodwin's LawProgrammer's Cheer
Blue Screen of DeathGreen's Theorempsyton
bogometerHalt and Catch Fireravioli code
bogo-sortHiggs BugsonReal Programmer
BOHICAHindenbugReal Programmers Don't Use Pascal
brain farthydra codeReal Soon Now
Branch and HangICBM addressrefuctoring
Branch on Chip Box FullInfinite Monkey Theoremrusty memory
cargo cult programmingINTERCALsame-day service
chug reportIOsausage code
Church of the SubGeniusJargon Filescar tissue code
code policeJEDRscratch monkey
cokebottleJenga Codeshrug report
COME FROMkicking dead whales down the beachsmoke-emitting diode
considered harmfulLambada-Calculussmug report
Conway's LawLERSod's Law
counterbuglight-emitting resistorspaghetti inheritance
cut-and-waste codelike nailing jelly to a treespaghetti with meatballs code
cyberchondriaclion foodsquare-headed girlfriend
cyberrhealmgtfy.comstringly typed
cyberspasticload-bearing printfSwiss Army Code
dancing frogLoch Ness Monster Bugsystem mangler
debugging an empty filelovetunafish
DilbertLubarsky's Law of Cybernetic EntomologyUFO bug
dinosaurs matingmagic smokeunary
doctype decorationMarginal HacksUnicorny
Don't do that then!maximum Maytag modeUser Brain Damage
Dorito SyndromeMCSEUse the Source Luke
drug reportmemory fartsUTSL
DSUmickeyWindows 94
Dwarf Storage UnitmillihelenWorld-Wide Wait
eat flaming deathMinesweeper, Chess, Solitaire Expertwrite-only memory
Egyptian bracketsMurphy's Law 
El Camino Bignumnanoacre