humour entries

ADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL     AI koan     any key     April Fool's Joke     asbestos cork award     asbestos longjohns     as sensible as a dictionary     attoparsec     autopilot code     backward combatability     baklava code     banana problem     barnacle code     Bastard Operator From Hell     Bend Over, Here It Comes Again     Berzerkeley     Big Room     block transfer computations     Bloombug     Blue Screen of Death     bogometer     bogo-sort     BOHICA     brain fart     Branch and Hang     Branch on Chip Box Full     cargo cult programming     chug report     Church of the SubGenius     code police     cokebottle     COME FROM     considered harmful     Conway's Law     counterbug     cut-and-waste code     cyberchondriac     cyberrhea     cyberspastic     dancing frog     debugging an empty file     Dilbert     dinosaurs mating     doctype decoration     Don't do that then!     Dorito Syndrome     drug report     DSU     Dwarf Storage Unit     eat flaming death     Egyptian brackets     El Camino Bignum     Electing a Pope     EOU     eraser stains code     Eric Conspiracy     Excalibur bug     fat electrons     Fermat's Last Post     Finagle's Law     fine adjuster     FISH queue     Flash Lights Impressively     Flyspeck 3     friode     garbageabetical order     Garbage In, Garbage Out     ghetto code     gilley     Godwin's Law     Green's Theorem     Halt and Catch Fire     Higgs Bugson     Hindenbug     hydra code     ICBM address     Infinite Monkey Theorem     INTERCAL     IO     Jargon File     JEDR     Jenga Code     kicking dead whales down the beach     Lambada-Calculus     LER     light-emitting resistor     like nailing jelly to a tree     lion food     load-bearing printf     Loch Ness Monster Bug     love     Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology     magic smoke     Marginal Hacks     maximum Maytag mode     MCSE     memory farts     mickey     millihelen     Minesweeper, Chess, Solitaire Expert     Murphy's Law     nanoacre     nastistical     neighborhood bike code     newsfroup     Ninety-Ninety Rule     notspot     notwork     NP-hilarious     NP tricky     objectfuscated code     Objectionable-C     ohnosecond     Outside Awareness Port     PEBCAK     plug and pray     Pokémon exception handling     Pretty Amazing New Stuff     Prisoner of Bill     Programmer Brain Damage     Programmer's Cheer     psyton     ravioli code     Real Programmer     Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal     Real Soon Now     refuctoring     rusty memory     same-day service     sausage code     scar tissue code     scratch monkey     shrug report     smoke-emitting diode     smug report     Sod's Law     spaghetti inheritance     spaghetti with meatballs code     square-headed girlfriend     stringly typed     Swiss Army Code     system mangler     tunafish     UFO bug     unary     Unicorny     User Brain Damage     Use the Source Luke     UTSL     Windows 94     World-Wide Wait     write-only memory