education entries

6.001     Ada/Ed     Carnegie Mellon University     Chalmers University of Technology     Computer-Aided Instruction     computer literacy     Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning     Cornell University     Coursewriter III     CTI     ICT     Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine     Information and Communication Technology     instructional technology     KeySpell     Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan     LOGO     MCSA     MCSE     Microsoft Certified Application Developer     Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician     Microsoft Certified Solution Developer     Microsoft Certified System Engineer     Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator     Open University     PEARL     Princeton University     SAIL     Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory     Stanford University     University of Arizona     University of California at Berkeley     University of Durham     University of East London     University of Edinburgh     University of Hawaii     University of Iceland     University of London Computing Centre     University of Michigan     University of Minnesota     University of Nijmegen     University of Pennsylvania     University of Tasmania     University of Twente     Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam