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S     s///     S3     SA     sa     SA-110     SAA     Saber-C     Saber-C++     SAC     SAC-1     SAC2     sacadm     sacred     SAD     SAD SAM     SADT     SAFARI     safe     safe mode     safety     safety-critical system     saga     sagan     SAGE     SAIC     SAID     SAIL     SAINT     Saint Andrews Static Language     SAL     SALEM     Sales Automation     salescritter     Sales Force Automation     S-ALGOL     SALT     salt     salt mines     salt substrate     SAM     sam     SAM76     Samba     SAME     same-day service     SAMeDL     samizdat     SAML     Sammet, Jean E.     sample     sample rate     sampling     sampling frequency     samurai     SAN     sandbender     sandbox     Sandman     San Francisco     sanity check     Santa Cruz Operation     SAP     SAP AG     SAPI     SAR     SAS     SASD     SASE     SASI     SASL     SASL+LV     SASL-YACC     SAS System     SATA     SATAN     Sather     Sather-K     satisfiability problem     saturation     Saturday-night special     sausage code     SAVE     save     save as     say     sb     SB AWE32     SBCS     SBD     SBE     SBM     SB-Prolog     SBR     SBus     SC     sc     SCA     SCADA     scag     scalability     Scalable Coherent Interface     Scalable Processor ARChitecture     Scalable Sampling Rate     Scalable Vector Graphics     scalar     SCALLOP     SCAN     scan     scan design     SCANDISK     Scan-EDF     scanf     Scan-In, Scan-Out     scan line     scanner     scanno     scan path     scan register     scar tissue code     SCC     SCCS     SCEPTRE     Schachter's Hypothesis     scheduler     scheduling     Scheduling API     Scheduling Application Programming Interface     Schelog     schema     Schema Definition Set     Schema Representation language     schematic capture     schematic type variable     Schematik     Scheme     Scheme84     Scheme88     Scheme->C     Scheme Library     Scheme-Linda     Scheme Object System     Scheme Repository     Scheme-to-C     Schlaer-Mellor     Schoonschip     schrödinbug     SCI     Science and Engineering Research Council     Scientific Data Systems     SCL     SCM     SC/MP     SCO     Scode     SCOOP     SCOOPS     SCOPE     scope     Scorpion     Scott-closed     Scott domain     SCPI     SCPI Consortium     scram switch     SCRAP     scratch     scratch disk     scratch monkey     Scratchpad I     Scratchpad II     scream and die     Screamer     screaming tty     screen     screen blanker     screen dump     Screen Peace     screen popping     screen reader     screen refresh     screen saver     screen scraper     screen server     screen sharing     Screenwrite     screw     screwage     scribble     Scribe     SCRIPT     script     Scriptics     scripting language     scrog     SCROLL     scroll     scrollable list     scroll bar     scrolling     scrool     scrozzle     scruffies     SCSI     SCSI-1     SCSI-2     SCSI-3     SCSI adaptor     SCSI controller     SCSI ID     SCSI initiator     SCSI interface     SCSI reconnect     SCSI target     ScumOS     scuzzy     SD     sd     SDDI     SDE     SDF     SDH     SDI     SDK     SDL     SDL 92     SDLC     SDM     SDMS     SDP     SDRAM     SDRC     SDR-RAM     SDR-SDRAM     SDS     SDS 92     SDS 940     SDSL     SE     se     SEA     Seagate Technology     SEAL     search     search algorithm     search-and-destroy mode     search engine     search problem     search term     Search The Fucking Web     SEC     SECC     SECD machine     secondary cache     secondary damage     secondary key     secondary storage     second generation     second generation computer     second generation language     second level cache     second normal form     Second-Order Lambda-calculus     second-system effect     sector interleave     sector interleaving     sector map     sector mapping     Secure File Transfer Protocol     Secure Hash Algorithm     Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions     Secure Shell     Secure Sockets Layer     security     Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool     Security Association     Security Association ID     security through obscurity     SED     Sed     SEE     seed     seek     seeking     seek time     SEESAW     see u see me     SEGA     Sega Genesis/MegaDrive     segfault     seggie     segment     segmentation     segmentation and reassembly     segmentation fault     segmented address space     segv     SEI     Seiko RC-4000     SEL     Selective Dissemination of Information     selector     Self     Self-Extensible Language     Self Extracting Archive     self-reference     selvage     SEM     semantic gap     semantic network     semantics     semaphore     semi     Semi-Automatic Ground Environment     semicolon     semiconductor     Semidetached Mode     SENDIT     sendmail     sendmail.cf     Sendmail Inc.     Seneca     senior bit     sense     sensor     sentence     SE-ODP     SEP     separate compilation     SEPIA     SEPP     Seque     Sequel     Sequenced Packet Exchange     sequencer     Sequent     sequential coding     sequential file matching     Sequential Parlog Machine     sequential processing     SERC     SERCOS     serial     Serial Advanced Technology Attachment     Serial ATA     serial communications     Serial Communications Interface     Serial Interface Adaptor     serial IO chip     serialise     serialize     serial line     Serial Line Internet Protocol     Serial Line IP     Serial Peripheral Interface     serial port     Serial Presence Detect     serial processing     serial processor     Serial Storage Architecture     serve     servelet     server     serverlet     Server Message Block     server-parsed HTML     server room     servers     server-side     server-side include     service     serviceability     Service Access Point     Service Advertising Protocol     Service Discovery Protocol     service-oriented architecture     service provider     Service Set Identifier     servlet     session     Session Initiation Protocol     session layer     SES/workbench     SET     set     set abstraction     set associative cache     set complement     set comprehension     Setext     SETL     SETL2     SETL/E     Set Priority Level     SETS     set theory     set-top box     SEUS     seven layer model     Seven-Segment Display     SEX     sexadecimal     sex changer     SEXI     Seymour Cray     SFA     SFBI     SFD-ALGOL     SFFA     SFL     SFLV     sFTP     sg     SGCP     SGI     SGML     sgmls     SGML Tagger     SGRAM     sh     SHA     SHACO     SHADOW     shadowing     shadow ram     shallow binding     shambolic link     Shape_VC     ShapeTools     shar     sharchive     sharding     Share and enjoy!     shared memory     Shared Time Repair of Big Electronic Systems     shareware     shar file     sharp     Sharp APL     S-HDSL     shebang     SHEEP     shelf     shelfware     SHELL     shell     shell out     shell script     shell variable     shielded twisted pair     SHIFT     Shift In     shift left logical     Shift Out     shift right logical     shim     shit hit the fan     shitogram     Shockwave     shockwave     Shockwave Flash     shopbot     short card     Short Code     shortcut     Shorten     shortest job first     Short Message Service     shotgun debugging     shoulder surfing     shovelware     Show-And-Tell     showstopper     shriek     shrug report     sht     SHTF     shtml     Shub-Internet     SHUG     Shugart, Alan F.     Shugart Associates     Shugart Technology     SI     si     SIA     SIBO     SICL     SICS     SICStus Prolog     sidecar     side-effect     Siemens     Siemens Nixdorf Informationssteme, AG     Sierra     SIFT     SIG     Sig     sig     sig block     SIGBUS     SIGhyper     SIGLA     SIGMA     SIGNAL     signal     signalling rate     Signalling System 7     signal-to-noise ratio     signature     sig quote     sig virus     SIL     Silage     silicon     silicon chip     Silicon Graphics, Inc.     Siliwood     silly walk     silo     Silver Book     silver bullet     SIM     SIMAN     SimCity     SimCity 2000     SIMD     Similix     SIML/I     SIMM     Simone     Simonyi, Charles     SIMPAC     SIMPAS     SIMPL     SIMPLE     Simple Actor Language     Simple Authentication and Security Layer     Simple Gateway Control Protocol     Simple Mail Transfer Protocol     simple multicast protocol     Simple Network Management Protocol     Simple Network Management Protocol version 2     Simple Network Paging Protocol     Simple Object Access Protocol     simplex     simplex method     simplex printer     SIMPL/I     Simplified Multicast Routing Protocol     SIMPL-T     SIMSCRIPT     SIMSCRIPT I.5     SIMSCRIPT II.5     simship     SIMULA     SIMULA 67     SIMULA I     simulate     simulated annealing     Simulating Digital Systems     simulation     SIMulation ANalysis     Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling     Simulation Oriented Language     Simultaneous Engineering Environment     Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line     simultaneous shipment     Simware, Inc.     SINA     since time T equals minus infinity     Sinclair, Clive     Sinclair PC200     Sinclair Radionics     Sinclair Research     sine wave     single assignment     single assignment language     single-attached     Single Connection Attach     Single Connector Attachment     Single Data Rate Random Access Memory     Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory     Single Document Interface     single-duplex     Single Edge Contact     Single Edge Contact Cartridge     Single Edge Processor Package     single-electron transistor     Single Electron Tunneling     Single Electron Tunneling Technology     single ended     Single Image Random Dot Stereogram     single inheritance     Single In-line Memory Module     Single Inline Pin Package     Single Instruction Multiple Data     Single Instruction/Multiple Data     Single-line Digital Subscriber Line     Single-pair High Speed Digital Subscriber Line     single program/multiple data     single quote     single sign-on     single sourcing     single static assignment     singleton variable     Single Virtual Storage     siod     SIP     SIPB     SIPLAN     SIPP     SI prefix     Siprol     SIR     SIRDS     Siri     SIRTS     SISAL     sit     SITBOL     site map     sitename     SIxteen Bit Organisers     sj     sk     Skel-ML     Sketchpad     S/Key     Skill     Skim     SkipJack     SKOL     skolemisation     S-K reduction machine     skrog     SKsh     SKU     skulker     SL     sl     SL5     slack     slackware     SLAM     SLANG     S-Lang     slap on the side     slash     slashdot effect     slave tty     SLD resolution     sleep     SLIB     Slide     sliding-window     SLIM     slim     Slingshot     SLIP     SlipKnot     SLIPS     SLiRP     SLLIC     slog     Sloop     slop     slopsucker     slosh     Slot 1     Slot 2     Slot A     slurp     sm     smail     SMALGOL     SMALL     Small Business Edition     Small-C     Small Computer System Interface     small-office/home-office     Small Outline DIMM     Smalltalk     Smalltalk-80     Smalltalk/V     SmallVDM     SMALLWORLD     SmallWorld     Smarandache logic     SMART     smart     Smart Battery Data     smart card     Smartdrive     SMARTdrv     smart terminal     smash case     smash sum     smash the stack     SMB     smbclient     smblib     SMBus     SMCC     SMDS     SMG     SMI     SMIL     smiley     smilies     S-MIME     SML     SML#     sml2c     SML/NJ     SMM     SMNP     smoke     smoke and mirrors     smoke-emitting diode     smoke test     smoking clover     SMoLCS     SMOP     SMP     SMPS     SMPT     SMRP     SMS     SMT     SMTP     smug report     smurf     sn     SNA     snacc     snaf     SNAFU principle     snag     snail mail     SNAP     snap     snap dump     Snappy     Snappy Video Snapshot     snarf     snarf & barf     snarf down     snark     sneakernet     sneck     snert     SNI     Sniff     sniff     sniffer     snivitz     SNMP     SNMP agent     SNMPv2     SNOBOL     SNOBOL2     SNOBOL3     SNOBOL4     SNOOPS     SNPP     SNR     S/N ratio     SNR bandwidth product     SO     so     SO 2     SOA     SOAP     SOAR     social engineering     social network     social networking     social science number     socket     Socket 1     Socket 2     Socket 3     Socket 370     Socket 4     Socket 5     Socket 6     Socket 7     Socket 8     SOCKS     SOCRATIC     SODA     SODAS     SO-DIMM     Sod's Law     SOE     SoftBench     soft boot     softcopy     Softlab     soft link     SoftModem     SoftVelocity Inc.     software     Software AG     software audit     Software BackPlane     software bloat     Software bus     software copyright     Software Description Database     Software Developers Kit     software development life cycle     software enabling     software engineering     Software Engineering Environment     software handshaking     software interrupt     Software in the Public Interest, Inc.     software laser     software law     software life-cycle     Software Method     Software Methodology     software metric     software patent     software piracy     software pirate     Software Practice and Experience     Software Productivity Centre     Software Publishing Certificate     Software Publishing Corporation     software reliability     software rot     software theft     Software through Pictures     software tool     Software Verification Research Centre     Software Writer's Language     softwarily     softy     SOH     SOHIO     SoHo     SOIF     SOJ     SOL     Solaris     solid state     Solid State Disk     solid-state storage device     SOLO     solution     Solution Based Modelling     Solve     SOM     Somar DumpAcl     Somar Software     some random X     Sonata     SONET     Sony Playstation     SORCERER     sorcerer's apprentice mode     sort     sorting     SOS     sound     Sound Blaster     sound card     soundex     soundness     source     source code     source code control     source code escrow     source code management     source language     source-level debugger     source of all good bits     source package     source route     source routing     southbridge     SP     SP2     SP/2     space     space bar     space-cadet keyboard     space complexity     space key     space leak     SPACEWAR     SPADE     spaghetti code     spaghetti inheritance     spaghetti with meatballs code     spam     spamdex     spamming     spanning tree algorithm     SPAR     SPARC     SPARC International, Inc.     SPARCStation     SPARCstation 10     SPARCstation 20     SPARCsystem 4     SPARC Xterminal 1     SPARK     SPARK Annotation Language     SPARKS     sparse     Spatial Technologies     spawn     SPC     SPD     SPDL     SPE     Speakeasy     speaker     SPEC     Spec     spec     SPECbase_fp92     SPECbase_int92     SPECbaserate     SPEC CFP92     SPEC CINT92     SPECfp92     SPECIAL     special-case     Special Interest Group     specialisation     specification     specific markup     SPECint92     SPECmark     SPECmark89     SPECOL     SPEC rate     SPECrate_base_fp92     SPECrate_fp92     SPECrate_int92     SPEC ratio     Spectral Band Replication     Spectrum     speculative evaluation     speculative execution     Speech Application Programming Interface     speech recognition     Speech Recognition Application Program Interface     speech synthesis     SPEED     Speedcoding     Speedcoding 3     SPEEDEX     speedometer     spell     spelling flame     Sperry Corporation     Sperry Univac     SPG     SPGA     SPI     Spice Lisp     SPID     spider     Spiderweb     spiffy     spike     spill     spim     spin     spin control     spinner     spiral model     SPIT     SPITBOL     spiware     SP/k     SPL     SPL/1     SPLash!     splash screen     splat     SPL/I     SPLINTER     split     Split-C     splot     SPLX     SPM     SPMD     SPML     spod     spoiler     sponge     spoo     spoof     spoofing     spooge     SPOOL     Spool     spool     spooler     spool file     SpoolView     spray     spreadsheet     spread spectrum communications     SPRING     SPRINT     Sprintnet     Sprite     sprite     sprocket feed     SPS     SPSS     SPSS, Inc.     SPUR     SPX     spx     spyware     SQE     SQL     SQL2     SQL3     SQL Access Group     SQL/DS     SQL Module Language     SQL Server     SQL server     SQLWindows     SQR     SQRIBE     Square     square-headed boyfriend     square-headed girlfriend     square tape     Squeak     Squiggol     squirt the bird     SR     sr     SRAM     SRAPI     SRC Modula-3     SRDL     SR flip-flop     SRI     SRI International     SRL     SRP     SS7     SSA     SSADM     SSBA     SSD     SSE     SSE-2     ssh     SSH File Transfer Protocol     SSI     SSID     SSII     SSL     S/SL     SSLeay     SSMA     SSO     SSR     st     ST-506     STAB     STAB-11     STAC     stac compression     stack     Stack Environment Control Dump machine     stack frame     stacking order     stack loader     stack overflow     stack pointer     stack puke     stack traceback     STAGE2     Staggered Pin Grid Array     staircase     staircasing     stale pointer bug     Stallman, Richard M.     stand-alone     standard     Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments     Standard d'Echange et de Transfert     standard deviation     standard for robot exclusion     Standard for the exchange of product model data     Standard Generalised Markup Language     Standard Generalized Markup Language     standard input/output     Standard Instrument Control Library     standard interpretation     standard I/O     Standard Lisp     Standard ML     Standard ML of New Jersey     Standard Operating Environment     standard semantics     Standard Widget Toolkit     St Andrews Static Language     Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory     Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language     Stanford Research Institute     Stanford University     STAPLE     Staple     STAR 0     StarBurst     StarLISP     StarMOD     star network     Starset     STARSYS     start bit     start of authority     Start Of Header     Start Of Text     start tag     state     state diagram     stateless     state machine     statement     state transition diagram     State University of New York     static     statically typed     static analysis     static database management system     static DBMS     static link     static nested scope     static nested scoping     static RAM     static random-access memory     static scope     static typing     static variable     Station Management     Statistical Analysis System     Statistical Package for the Social Sciences     statistical time division multiplexing     statistics     StatMUX     STB     STD     STD 1     STD 13     STD 15     STD 2     STD 9     stderr     stdin     stdio     stdio.h     STDM     stdout     STDWIN     steam-powered     Steelman     steganography     stemmer     stemming     STENSOR     STEP     Stephen Cole Kleene     Stephen Jobs     Stephen Kleene     stepper motor     Stepstone Corp     stepwise refinement     stereogram     Sterling Software, Inc.     Steve Jobs     Steve's Shell     Steve Wozniak     STFT     STFU     STFW     Sticks&Stones     sticky analysis     sticky bit     sticky content     stiffy     STIL     STING     STk     STMP     stochastic     stock-keeping unit     STOIC     stomp on     STONE     Stone Age     stone knives and bearskins     Stoneman     stop bit     stoppage     storage     Storage Allocation and Coding Program     Storage Area Network     Storage Management Services     storage media     store     store and forward     stored procedure     storm     Story of Mel     STP     StP     STP4     Strachey, Christopher     Strand     Strand88     Stratus     Strawman     STREAM     stream     streaming     Streaming SIMD Extensions     stream-oriented     STREAMS     strength reduction     STRESS     stress testing     strict     strict evaluation     strided     string     String EXpression Interpreter     stringly typed     STring Oriented Interactive Compiler     String Oriented Symbolic Language     String PRocessING language     string reduction     stripe     stripe set     striping     STROBES     stroke     StrongARM     strongly connected component     strongly typed     strong typing     Stroustrup, Bjarne     struct     structural recursion     structured analysis     Structured Analysis and Design Technique     structured design     structure diagram     structured language     structured programming     Structured Query Language     Structure of Management Information     strudel     STRUDL     STSC APL     stub     stub network     stubroutine     STUDENT     Student PL/I     studly     studlycaps     Stuffit     Stupids     stupid-sort     Sturgeon's Law     STX     style     su     SUB     subband encoding     subclass     subject     subject index     subject-oriented programming     sublanguage     subnet     subnet address     subnet mask     subnet number     subroutine     subscribe     Subscriber Identity Module     subscribing     Subset-Equational Language     Substitute     substrate     subtype     subtyping     SuccessoR     successor     sucking mud     Sue     sufficiently small     SUGAR     suicideware     SUIF     suit     suitably small     Suite Synthetique des Benchmarks de l'AFUU     sum     Summary Object Interchange Format     SUMMER     SUMMER SESSION     sum of products     sum of products type     Sun     Sun-2 Workstation     Sun-3 Workstation     Sun-4 Workstation     sun lounge     Sun Microsystems, Inc.     SunOS     sunspots     sun-stools     SunView     SUNY     SUPER     Super 7     Superbrain     SuperBrain II     superclass     supercombinators     supercompilation     supercomputer     SuperDrive     superhighway     SuperJanet     SUPERMAC     super minicomputer     SuperPaint     Super Pascal     superpipelined     superprogrammer     superscalar     super source quench     SuperTalk     superuser     Super VGA     Super Video Graphics Adapter     Super Video Graphics Adaptor     Super Video Graphics Array     supervisor mode     Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition     SuperZap     Supplementary Ideographic Plane     support     supremum     Sure     surfing     SURGE     surjection     surjective     surrogate key     suspension     Suzie COBOL     sv     SVC     SVG     SVGA     SVGA monitor     SVID     S-Video     SVR4     SVRC     SVS     swab     SWAG     swap     swap file     swapped in     swapped out     swapping     swap space     Sweden     SweetLambda     swf     Swing     SWI-Prolog     Swiss Army Code     switch     Switched Multimegabit Data Service     switched virtual circuit     switched virtual connection     switching     switching hub     switch statement     swizzle     SWL     SWT     swung dash     sy     Sybase, Inc.     Sybase SQL Server     SYDEL     SYGMA     SYLK     syllogism     Sylvan     Symantec     SYMBAL     SymbMath     SYMBOLANG     Symbolic Assembler Program     SYMBOLIC ASSEMBLY     Symbolic Automatic INTegrator     symbolic inference     Symbolic Link     symbolic link     symbolic logic     Symbolic Mathematical Laboratory     symbolic mathematics     Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program     Symbolic Optimum DEUCE Assembly Program     Symbolics, Inc.     Symbol Manipulation Program     symlink     symmetric     symmetric key cryptography     Symmetric LISP     symmetric multiprocessing     symmetric multiprocessor     Symphony     SYMPL     SYN     sync     Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language     synchronous     Synchronous Data Link Control     Synchronous Digital Hierarchy     Synchronous DRAM     Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory     Synchronous Graphics RAM     Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory     Synchronous idle     synchronous key encryption     Synchronous Optical NETwork     syncronous     synflood     synonym ring     syntactic salt     syntactic sugar     syntax     Syntax-Case     syntax directed translation     Syntax/Semantic Language     syntax tree     synthesis     Synthesizer Specification Language     sypware     SyQuest Technology, Inc.     sysadmin     sysape     Sysdeco Mimer AB     sys-frog     SYSKEY     SYSLISP     sysop     Sysplex     sysprog     system     System/360     System/370     System 5     System 7.5     System Account Manager     system administration     system administrator     system analysis     system analyst     system board     system call     system catalog     System Control Language     Systeme International     System F     System International     system management     System Management Bus     System Management Mode     System Management Server     system manager     system mangler     system operator     System Product Interpreter     system programming language     System R     Systems Administrators Guild     systems analysis     Systems Analysis Definition     systems analyst     Systems Application Architecture     Systems Development Life Cycle     systems jock     Systems Network Architecture     system software     systems operator     systems programmer     systems programming     system testing     system unit     System V     System V Interface Definition     Système International     Système International d'Unités     systolic array     SysVile     sz