R2000; R2RS; R3.99RS; R3RS; R4RS; rabbit job; RACE; race condition; RACF; RAD; Raddle; Radio-frequency identification; Radio Frequency Interference; radio in the loop; radiosity; RADIUS; radix; RAID; RAIL; rainbow series; rain dance; RAIS; RAISE; RAISE Specification Language; RAL; RAM; Rambus DRAM; Rambus, Inc.; RAMDAC; RAM disk; RAM drive; RAMIS II; RAMTRON; random; random-access memory; Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter; randomness; random number; random testing; range; Rapid Application Development; RapidCAD; Rapidly Extensible Language, English; rapid prototyping; Rapidwrite; RAPT; RARE; rare mode; RARP; RAS; RASP; raster; raster blaster; raster burn; raster font; rastergram; raster graphics; Raster Image Processor; rasterising; rasterizing; raster subsystem; Ratatosk; rat belt; RatC; RATEL; Rate monotonic scheduling; RATFIV; RATFOR; rational; RATional Fortran; Rationalized C; rave; rave on!; ravioli code; raw data; raw mode; RAWOOP-SNAP; ray casting; Rayleigh distribution; Ray Tomlinson; ray tracing; R:BASE; RBASIC; RBCSP; RBOC; rc; RC4; RCA 1802; RCA 1805; RCC; rc file; RCL; rcp; RCS; Rdb; rdb; RDBA; RDBMS; RDF; RDI; RDL; RDOS; RDP; RDRAM; RDS; RE; re; read-eval-print loop; README file; Read-Only Memory; read-only user; real; RealAudio; real estate; real hack; reality check; realization; Really Simple Syndication; real mode; real number; real operating system; Real Programmer; Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal; Real Simple Syndication; Real Soon Now; real-time; Real-Time Common Design Language; Realtime Disk Operating System; Real-Time Euclid; Real-Time Mentat; Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling; Real-Time Operating System; Real-Time Operating System Nucleus; Real-Time Pascal; Real Time Streaming Protocol; real-time structured analysis; Real-Time Transport Protocol; real user; Real Video; Real World; reaper; reassembly; reboot; REC; recent changes; recipe; recipient; Recital; RECOL; Recommended Standard; record; Record Management Services; records; Record Separator; rectangle slinger; recurrence relation; recurse; recursion; recursion theory; recursive; recursive acronym; recursive definition; recursive descent parser; Recursive Functional Algorithmic Language; Recursive Macro Actuated Generator; recursive type; Red; Red Book; Red Brick Intelligent SQL; Redcode; redex; Red Hat; RediLisp; redirection; redirector; RedNet Ltd.; redocumentation; REDUCE; Reduced Instruction Set Computer; reduction; reduction strategy; redundancy; Redundant Array of Independent Disks; Redundant Array of Independent Drives; Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks; Redundant Array of Inexpensive Servers; Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks; red wire; red zone; re-engineering; re-entrant; refactoring; REFAL; REF-ARF; reference; reference counting; referential integrity; referentially transparent; referential transparency; referer; referrer; REFINE; Refined C; Refined Fortran; reflexive; reflexive domain; Reflexive transitive closure; RefLisp; refresh; refreshable braille display; refreshable display; refresh rate; refuctoring; refutable; regex; regexp; Regina; regional network; register; register allocation; register assignment; register dancing; registered port; register set; register spilling; Register Transfer Language; registry; regression; regression testing; REG-SYMBOLIC; REGTRAL; regular expression; Regular Expression Converter; regular graph; rehi; Reid, Brian; reify; re-image; reincarnation, cycle of; reinvent the wheel; relation; relational algebra; relational calculus; relational database; relational database management system; relational data model; relational DBMS; relational language; relational model; RELATIVE; relatively prime; relative pathname; Relative Record Data Set; RELCODE; release; released version; REL English; relevance; reliability; Reliability, Availability, Serviceability; reliable communication; Reliable Data Protocol; religion of CHI; religious issues; REM; remailer; Remote Access Services; Remote Database Access; Remote Desktop Protocol; remote echo; Remote Job Entry; remote login; Remote Method Invocation; remote monitoring; Remote Operations Service Element; Remote Procedure Call; Remote Reference Layer; Remote Spooling Communication Subsystem; Remote Write Protocol; removable disk; removable hard disk; rendering; RenderMan Shading Language; rendezvous; REP; repeat; repeater; repeating group; repeat loop; repetitive strain disorder; repetitive strain injury; REPL; replacement algorithm; Replay; replication; replicator; reply; Repondez s'il vous plait; Report Program Generator; repository; Representation Language Language; Request For Comments; request for proposal; Request For Technology; Required-COBOL; requirements; Requirements Acquisition and Controlled Evolution; requirements analysis; Requirements Engineering; Research Systems, Inc.; ResEdit; reserved memory; resolution; resolver; Resource Access Control Facility; Resource Description Framework; resource fork; Resource Reservation Protocol; Restricted EPL; restriction; Restructured EXtended eXecutor; restructuring; retcon; rete; RETI; Retrieve; retrocomputing; retronym; return from interrupt; return from the dead; Return To Zero; reusability; reuse; Reverse Address Resolution Protocol; Reverse ARP; reverse engineering; Reverse Polish Notation; reverse polish syntax; Revised ALGOL 60; revision; Revision Control System; Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party; revolutions per minute; REX; REXX; REXXWARE; RF; RFC; RFC 1014; RFC 1034; RFC 1035; RFC 1057; RFC 1058; RFC 1081; RFC 1094; RFC 1112; RFC 1119; RFC 1123; RFC 1156; RFC 1157; RFC 1171; RFC 1208; RFC 1213; RFC 1267; RFC 1268; RFC 1304; RFC 1321; RFC 1334; RFC 1341; RFC 1347; RFC 1350; RFC 1388; RFC 1436; RFC 1441; RFC 1442; RFC 1443; RFC 1444; RFC 1445; RFC 1446; RFC 1447; RFC 1448; RFC 1449; RFC 1450; RFC 1451; RFC 1452; RFC 1475; RFC 1508; RFC 1509; RFC 1520; RFC 1521; RFC 1526; RFC 1531; RFC 1550; RFC 1561; RFC 1568; RFC 1591; RFC 1630; RFC 1661; RFC 1700; RFC 1701; RFC 1702; RFC 1707; RFC 1730; RFC 1756; RFC 1760; RFC 1777; RFC 1778; RFC 1795; RFC 1823; RFC 1825; RFC 1831; RFC 1861; RFC 1938; RFC 1951; RFC 1959; RFC 1960; RFC 2045; RFC 2046; RFC 2047; RFC 2048; RFC 2049; RFC 2060; RFC 2061; RFC 2068; RFC 2093; RFC 2131; RFC 2234; RFC 2236; RFC 2246; RFC 2279; RFC 2281; RFC 2298; RFC 2326; RFC 2364; RFC 2408; RFC 2516; RFC 2543; RFC 2795; RFC 2821; RFC 3232; RFC 4213; RFC 792; RFC 821; RFC 822; RFC 826; RFC 854; RFC 903; RFC 908; RFC 959; RFCOMM; RFE; RFI; RFID; RFP; RFT; RG58; RG8; RGB; Rhapsody; ribbon cable; rib site; rice box; Richard Gabriel; Richard Hamming; Richard Korf; Richard P. Feynman; Richard P. Gabriel; Richard Stallman; rich object; Rich Site Summary; Rich Text Format; RIFF; RIGAL; Rigel; right brace; right bracket; right-click; right join; right outer join; right parenthesis; Right Thing; Rijndael; ring network; ring topology; Riordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail; RIP; rip; ripcording; RIPE; RIPEM; ripper; RISC; RISCiX; RISC OS; RiscPC; RISC System/6000; Risk Based Testing; RISQL; RITL; RJ-11; RJ-45; RJE; RKM; RL; rl; RLaB; RLDRAM; RLE; RLF; RLL; rlogin; RMAG; RMAIL; RMI; RM-ODP; RMON; RMS; RNF; ro; roach; ROADS; Robert T. Morris; ROBEX; RoboHELP; robot; robot exclusion standard; robots.txt; robust; Rockwell Protocol Interface; Rocky Mountain Basic; rococo; ROCOF; roff; ROFL; ROFLMAO; rogue; rollback; ROM; ROM BIOS; ROME; Rom Kernel Manual; room; ROOM Methodology; room-temperature IQ; root; root bridge; root directory; root mode; root node; Root Normal Form; root version; ROSE; Rosette; Roskind grammars; rot13; rotary debugger; rotational latency; rotations per minute; ROTFL; ROTFLMAO; ROTFLMAOASTC; ROTFLOL; round-robin; round tape; round-trip time; route; routed; route flapping; routeing; routeing domain; router; routine; routing; Routing Information Protocol; routing policy; Routing Table Maintenance Protocol; row; Row Address Strobe; row-level locking; Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University; RPC; RPG; RPG-II; RPI; RPL; RPL-1; RPM; rpm; RPN; Répondez s'il vous plait; RPT; RRL; RRS; RS; RS-232; RS-232C; RS-232D; RS-422; RS-423; RS-449; RS-485; RS6000; RS/6000; RS6K; RSA; RSA Data Security, Inc.; RSA encryption; RSCS; Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne; Réseaux IP Européens; RS flip-flop; rsh; RSI; RSL; RSN; RSS; RSS feed; rstat; RSTS/E; RSVP; RT-11; RTBM; RTC++; RT-CDL; RTEE; RTF; RTFAQ; RTFB; RTFM; RTFS; RTI; RTL; RTL/1; RTL/2; RTM; RTMP; RTOS; RTP; RT-PC; RTS; RTSA; RTSP; RTT; RTTI; RTTY; ru; rubi; Ruby; rude; RUFL; run; RUNCIBLE; runes; runic; run-length encoding; Run Length Limited; run time; run-time environment; run-time error; run-time library; run-time support; run-time system; Run-Time Type Information; ruptime; RUSH; Russell; Russell, Bertrand; Russell's Attic; Russell's Paradox; rusty iron; rusty memory; RUTH; rw; rwho; RWP; Rx; RYFM;