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O     O2     Oaklisp     OAP     OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications     OATH     Ob-     OBDC     OBE     Oberon     Oberon-2     Oberon-V     OBEX     obfuscated     Obfuscated C Contest     obi-wan error     OBJ     OBJ0     OBJ2     OBJ3     object     ObjectBroker     ObjectCenter     Object CHILL     object code     Object-code Buffer Overrun Evaluator     Object Compatibility Standard     Object Constraint Language     Object Database Management Group     Object Data Management Group     Objecteering     Object Exchange     objectfuscated code     object identifier     Objectionable-C     Objective C     Objective CAML     Objective Modula-2     Objective PASCAL     Object Linking and Embedding     Object Lisp     ObjectLOGO     Object Management Group     Object management system     Object Modelling Technique     Object Oberon     object-orientation     object-oriented     object-oriented analysis     object-oriented database     object-oriented design     Object-Oriented Fortran     object-oriented language     Object-Oriented Pascal     object-oriented polymorphism     object-oriented programming     object-oriented programming language     Object-oriented SQL     Object-Oriented Turing     Objectory     ObjectPAL     Object Pascal     Object Persistence Framework     Object Request Broker     Object Role Modeling     Object Value     Objectworks     Object Z     Objlog     OBJT     ObjVlisp     ObjVProlog     Obliq     oblique stroke     Oblog     OBOE     OBSCURE     observational equivalence     Oc     OC-12     OC-3     OC-48     OCAL     occam     occam 2     Occam's Razor     occlude     occurs check     OCL     OCLC     OC-n     OCODE     OCP     OCR     OCS     octal     octal forty     Octave     octet     octothorpe     OCX     OD390     ODA     ODBC     ODC     Ode     ODI     ODIF     ODMA     ODMG     odometry     ODP     ODS     ODSA     ODT     OEM     OFA     off-by-one error     Office     office automation     Office By Example     Office Workstations Limited     Official Production System     off-line     off-line world     offset     offshoring     off-side rule     off the trolley     ogg     Ogg Vorbis     OHCI     Ohm     Ohm, Georg Simon     ohnosecond     OIC     OID     OIL     OLAP     OLAP Council     OLC     OLDAS     old fart     old talk     Old Testament     OLE     OLE custom controls     OLE DB     OLE for Process Control     OLGA     Olivetti     O-Logic     OLTP     OLWM     om     OMA     Omega     Omega-algebraic     Omega test     OMF     OMG     OMNICODE     OMNIFAX     OMNITAB     OMR     OMS     OMT     OMTool     ONC     Ondine     one     one-banana problem     one-dimensional array     one-line fix     one-liner wars     ones complement     One-Time Password     One Time Programmable Read-Only Memory     one-way function     one-way hash function     on-line     On-Line Analytical Processing     Online Computer Library Center, Inc.     On-Line Computer system     Online Media     On-line Process Synthesizer     Online Public Access Catalog     On-Line Transaction Processing     Ontic     onto     ontology     OnX     OO     OOA     OOD     OODB     OODBMS     OOF     OOGL     OOo     OOP     OOPL     OOPS     OOPSLA     OOSD     OOZE     op     OPAC     Opal     OPC     op code     open     open box testing     OpenBSD     open/closed principle     open-collar worker     Open DataBase Connectivity     Open Data-link Interface     Open DeathTrap     Open Desktop     Open Distributed Processing     Open Distributed System Architecture     OpenDoc     OpenDocument     Open Document Architecture     Open Document Interchange Format     Open Document Management API     OpenGL     Open Graphics Library     Open Group     OpenInsight     Open Look     Open Network Computing     OpenOffice.org     Open Prolog     Open Scripting Architecture     Open Shortest-Path First     Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol     Open Software Foundation     open source     Open Source Definition     Open Source Initiative     Open source license     OpenStep     open switch     Open System Architecture     Open Systems Interconnect     Open Systems Interconnection     Open Telecom Platform     Open Trading Protocol     OpenTransport     Open University     OpenVMS     OpenWindows     operand     operating system     Operating System/360     Operating System/Multiprogramming of Fixed Tasks     operational database     Operational Data Store     operational requirements     operational semantics     operational test and evaluation     operational testing     operation code     operations support technician     operator     Operator Control Language     operator overloading     OPF     Opportunity Management System     OPS     OPS5     OPS83     Optical Carrier 12     Optical Carrier 3     Optical Carrier 48     Optical Carrier n     Optical Character Recognition     optical diff     optical disc drive     optical disk drive     optical drive     optical fiber     optical fibre     optical grep     Optical Mark Reader     optical mouse     optical storage     Optical Storage Technology Association     Optical Time Domain Reflectometer     Optical Time Domain Reflectometry     optimal     Optimal Flexible Architecture     optimise     optimising compiler     optimism     optimize     option     OPTRAN     Opus     OR     Oracle     Oracle 7     Oracle Card     Oracle*CASE     Oracle Co-operative Applications     Oracle Corporation     Oracle Parallel Server     Oracle Rdb     Oracle Toolkit     Orange Book     ORB     Orbit     Orca     Order Code Processor     order-embedding     ordering     ordinal     ordinary differential equation     ordinate     OREGANO     O'Reilly and Associates     org     Organic Mode     Orient84/K     Original Equipment Manufacturer     ORKID     ORM     orphaned i-node     orphan process     ORTHOCARTAN     orthogonal     orthogonal instruction set     Orwell     OS     OS2     OS/2     OS/360     OS/390     OS-9     OSA     OSA extension     OSAX     Osborne 1     Osborne, Adam     Osborne Computer Corporation     OSCAR     OSD     OSE     OSF     OSI     OSI Model     OSI Reference Model     OSI-RM     OSI seven layer model     O'small     OS/MFT     OS/MVT     OSP     OSPF     OSQL     OSSL     OSTA     OS/VS1     OS/VS2     OT     OTDR     OT&E     OTI     OTOH     OTP     OTPROM     OTT     Ottawa Euclid     Ousterhout, John K.     Ousterhout's dichotomy     Ousterhout's fallacy     Ousterhout's false dichotomy     out     outer join     outline font     out-of-band     output     output device     Outside Awareness Port     outside-in testing     outsourcing     overclocking     Overdrive     overflow     overflow bit     overflow flag     overflow pdl     overhead     overloading     overriding     overrun     overrun screw     overuse strain injury     OWHY     OWL     Owl     Ox     Oz     oz     Oz-Email