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cookie     magic number     Magic Paper     magic smoke     Magic Switch Story     Magma     Magma2     MagmaLISP     magnetic disk     Magnetic Ink Character Recognition     magnetic stripe     magnetic tape     magnetic tape drive     magneto-optical disk     magneto-optical drive     magnetostrictive delay line     MAGNUM     Magritte     mail     Mail Application Programming Interface     mail bomb     mailbox     mail bridge     mail exchanger     Mail Exchange Record     mail exploder     mail filter     mail gateway     mail hub     mailing list     mail merge     mail path     mail server     Mail Transfer Agent     Mail Transport Agent     mail user agent     Mail Users' Shell     main     MAINBOL     Main Distribution Frame     mainframe     mainframe programmer/analyst     main loop     main memory     MAINSAIL     main store     maintainer     maintainer script     maintenance     Maisie     major delivery     Majordomo     major release     Make     Makedoc     makefile     Maker Interchange Format     MAL     Malamud     MALI     mall     malloc     malware     MAN     man     managed code     management     Management Information Base     Management Information System     Manager of Business Applications     Manchester Autocode     Manchester encoding     Mandala     Mandelbrot, Benoit     Mandelbrot set     mandelbug     Mandy Rice-Davis Applies     manged     mangle     mangler     mango     MANIAC     man page     MANTIS     mantissa     manual testing     Manufacturer Resource Planning     Manufacturers Automation Protocol     Manufacturing Automation Protocol     manularity     MAO     MAP     map     MAPI     Maple     mapping     marbles     Marc Andreessen     marginal     Marginal Hacks     Maril     Mark 1     marketroid     Markov     Markov chain     Markov model     Markov process     Markowitz     mark-sweep garbage collection     markup     Marlais     Mars     Marseille Prolog     marshaling     marshalling     MARSYAS     Martian     Martin Marietta Laboratories Moorestown     MARVIN     Mary     MAS     MASCOT     Mask Read-Only Memory     MASM     MasPar Unity     masquerading     Massachusetts Institute of Technology     massage     Massey Hope     Massively Multiplayer Online Game     Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game     master     master boot record     Matchmaker     Material Requirements Planning     Mathcad     Mathematica     Mathematical Analysis without Programming     Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator and Computer     Mathematics in Recognizable Form Automatically Compiled     MATHLAB     MATH-MATIC or MATHMATIC     math-out     MathWorks     MATLAB     Matrix     Matrix Compiler     MATRIX MATH     Matrix Math eXtensions     MAU     Mauchly, John W.     mawk     maximal free expression     maximin     MAXIMOP     maximum Maytag mode     maximum seek time     maximum segment size     Maximum Transmission Unit     Maxis Software     MB     MBASIC     Mbogo, Dr. Fred     MBONE     MBps     mbps     MBS     MC     mc     MC68000     MC68010     MC68020     MC68030     MC68040     MC6809     MCA     MCAD     MCC     McCulloch-Pitts neuron     MCDBA     MCDST     McG360     MCGA     MCI     MCI Mail     MCL     M-Code     MCP     MCP-1600     MCPD     MCS     MCSA     MCSD     MCSE     mcvax     mcvert     MD     md     MD5     MDA     MDAC     MDCT     MDF     MDI     MDL     Mean Time Between Failures     Mean Time Between Faults     Mean Time To Recovery     measure     measurement     meatspace     meatware     media     Media Access Control     Media Access Unit     Media Converter     Media Gateway Control Protocol     Medium Access Control     meeces     Meet     meg     mega-     megabits per second     megabyte     megabytes per second     megaflop     megaflops     MegaHertz     megapenny     MEGO     Mei     Mel     MELD     MELDC     Melinda     Mel Kaye     Mellor     meltdown     member function     membership function     meme     meme plague     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metaclass     Meta Class System     Meta-Crystal     metadata     Metadata Information Partners     META element     metafile     METAFONT     metaheuristic     Meta-II     metainformation     Meta-IV     METAL     metalanguage     Metal Oxide Semiconductor     Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor     metaphone     metaprogram     metasyntactic variable     metasyntax     META tag     Meta-Vlisp     Met-English     METEOR     meter     method     methodology     Methods     me too     metre     metric     metric space     Metropolitan Area Network     M-expression LISP     MFC     MFE     MFLOPS     MFM     MFTL     mg     MGCP     mh     MHDL     MHEG     MHS     MHz     MIB     MIB Variable     Mic-1     Mic-2     MICE     mice     Michigan Algorithm Decoder     mickey     mickey mouse program     MICR     micro     micro-     microarray     Micro Assembly Language     microcentury     Micro Channel Architecture     microchip art     microcode     Microcom Networking Protocol     microcomputer     microcontroller     MicroDroid     microelectromechanical system     Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation     MicroEmacs     microfloppies     microfortnight     MicroGnuEmacs     Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems     Micro Interpreter for Knowledge Engineering     microkernel     microLenat     microlog     micrometre     Micro ML     Micron     micron     Micron Electronics, Inc.     Micronetics Standard MUMPS     Micro$oft     microperation     microphone     microPLANNER     microprocesor     microprocessor     Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages     microprogramming     microReid     MICRO SAINT     microsecond     Microserf     Microslop     Microsloth Windows     Microsoft     Microsoft Access     Microsoft Basic     Microsoft Certified Application Developer     Microsoft Certified Database Administrator     Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician     Microsoft Certified Professional Developer     Microsoft Certified Solution Developer     Microsoft Certified System Engineer     Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator     Microsoft Certified Systems Developer     Microsoft Corporation     Microsoft Data Access Components     Microsoft Disc Operating System     Microsoft Disk Operating System     Microsoft DOS     Microsoft Excel     Microsoft Exchange     Microsoft Extended     Microsoft Foundation Classes     Microsoft IIS     Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer     Microsoft Internet Information Server     Microsoft Mail     Microsoft Mail Application Program Interface     Microsoft Network     Microsoft Networking     Microsoft Office     Microsoft Office Small Business Edition     Microsoft Point to Point Encryption     Microsoft Project     Microsoft SQL Server     Microsoft Windows     Microsoft Word     MicroStation     microtape     Microware Corporation     Microwave Hardware Description Language     MIDAS     Midas     Midas-WWW     middle-endian     middleware     MIDI     mid-level network     MIF     MIG     MIGRAINES     MII     MIIS     MIKE     mil     Milarepa     MILITRAN     mill     millennium bug     millennium meltdown     milli-     millihelen     milliLampson     millisecond     MILNET     MIMD     MIME     mimencode     Mimer SQL     MIME type     MIMIC     MIMOLA     mind mouse     mind uploading     Minerva software     Minesweeper, Chess, Solitaire Expert     minicomputer     Mini Disc     minifloppy     minimal automaton     minimax     Mini-ML     minimum seek time     Mini PL/I     MINITAB II     MINIX     Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool     MINT     MiNT     Mint Is Not TRAC     Minuet     MINUIT     minus     minus infinity     MIPS     MIPS project     MIPS R2000     MIPS R2010     MIPS R3000     MIPS R4000     MIPS Technologies, Inc.     Miracula     Miranda     MIRFAC     mirror     mirroring     mirror site     MIS     misbug     MIS Director     misfeature     MISHAP     Missed'em-five     missile address     missing     miswart     MIT     MIT AI Lab     MITI     MITILAC     MIT Lisp Machine     MITRE Corporation     MIT Research Laboratory for Electronics     MITS     MIT Scheme     MIX     MIXAL     MIX Communications     M-JPEG     MJS     mk     ML     ml     ML-2000     MLAB     ML/I     MLISP     ML Kit     MLL     ML-lex     ML-Linda     ML Threads     ML-Twig     mm     Mma     mmap     MMCD     MMDF     MMI     MML     MMO     MMOG     MMORPG     MMS     MMU     MMX     MMX technology     mn     mnemonic     MNP     mo     Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Directory Number     Mobile Triton     mobo     MOBSSL-UAF     moby     mockingbird     Mockingboard     Mock Lisp     mod     modal     modal logic     modam     MODCAL     Mode     mode     mode bit     MODEF     MODEL     model     model checking     modeling     modeling language     modelling     modelling language     Modelsim     Model View Controller     modem     MODEM7     moderator     Modified Frequency Modulation     modifier     M O drive     MODSIM     MODSIM II     Modula     Modula-2     Modula-2*     Modula-2+     Modula-3     Modula-3*     Modula-3pi     Modula-P     Modula-Prolog     Modula/R     modular arithmetic     Modular C     MODUlar LAnguage     Modular Prolog     Modular SB-Prolog     module     Modulex     modulo     modulo arithmetic     modulo operator     Mohammed Al-Khawarizmi     molly-guard     monad     monadic     Mongolian Hordes technique     moniter     monitor     monkey, scratch     monkey sort     monkey up     Mono     monochrome     Monochrome Display Adapter     monoid     monotonic     MONSTR     Montage     Monte Carlo     monty     MOO     Moof     Moore bound     Moore graph     Moore's Law     moose call     MooZ     Mops     MORAL     more     moria     morphing     Morse code     MORTRAN     MOS     Mosaic     Mosaic Communications Corporation     Moscow ML     MOSFET     Mosiac     MOS Technologies     MOS Technology     most general unifier     Most Significant Bit     motd     mother     motherboard     Motif     Motion JPEG     Motion Picture Experts Group     Motorola     Motorola 14500B     Motorola 6800     Motorola 68000     Motorola 6801     Motorola 68010     Motorola 68020     Motorola 68030     Motorola 68040     Motorola 68050     Motorola 68060     Motorola 6809     Motorola 680x0     Motorola 68HC11     Motorola 68LC040     Motorola 88000     Motorola, Inc.     mount     Mouse     mouse     mouse ahead     mouse around     mouse arrest     mouse belt     mouse droppings     mouse elbow     mouse mat     mouse pad     mouse trails     mouso     Moving JPEG     Moving Picture Expert Group     Moving Picture Experts Group     Moving Pictures Experts Group     Moxie     Mozilla     Mozilla Foundation     Mozilla Public License     mp     MP1     MP-1     MP2     MP3     MP3Pro     MPC     MPC Level 1 Specification     MPC Level 2 Specification     MPEG     MPEG-1     MPEG-1 audio layer 1     MPEG-1 audio layer 3     MPEG-1 layer 3     MPEG-2     MPEG-21     MPEG-2.5 audio layer 3     MPEG-2 AAC Low Profile     MPEG-2 audio layer 3     MPEG-2 Low Sampling Frequencies Extention     MPEG-2 LSF     MPEG-2 MC     MPEG-2 Multi Channel Extention     MPEG-3     MPEG-4     MPEG-4 AAC Main Profile     MPEG-4 AAC SSR     MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding Scalable Sampling Rate     MPEG-4 Harmonics, individual lines and noise     MPEG-4 Harmonic Vector eXCitation     MPEG-4 HILN     MPEG-4 HVXC     MPEG-7     MPEGplus     MPG     mpg     MPI     MPL     MPL II     MPLS     MPLS domain     MP/M     MPP     MPPE     MPPL     MPR II     M-Prolog     MPS III     MPSX     MPV     MPX     mq     MQG     mr     MRAM     MRDA     MRDS     MRI     MROC     MROM     MRP     MRP II     MRS     ms     MS Access     MSAU     MSB     MS-BASIC     MS-DOG     MS-DOS     MSG.84     msgGUI     MSIE     MSM     MS Mail     MSN     MS Office     MS Project     MSS     MS-Windows     MswLogo     MS Word     MSX     MSX-DOS     mt     MTA     MTBF     mtc     M Technology Association     MTOS     MTS     MTTR     MTU     Mu     mu     MUA     MUCAL     MUD     muddie     Muddle     mudhead     MUD Object Oriented     muFP     Muhammad al-Khwarizmi     Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi     mu-law     Mule     Mul-T     Multi-BinProlog     multiboot     multiC     MultiCal System     multicast addressing     multicast backbone     Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility     multician     Multi-Color Graphics Array     Multics     Multics Relational Data Store     Multiflow Computer     Multi-Garnet     multihomed host     multilayer perceptron     MultiLisp     multimedia     Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group     MultiMedia Compact Disc     MultiMedia Extension     Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for European Researchers     Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions     Multimedia Messaging Services     Multimedia PC     Multimedia Personal Computer     multimedia system     multi-part key     Multi-Pascal     multiple access     Multiple Access with Colision Avoidance     multiple boot     Multiple Document Interface     multiple inheritance     Multiple Instruction Multiple Data     Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data     Multiple Master     multiple perspective software development     multiple value     Multiple Virtual Storage     multiplexer     multiplexing     multiplexor     Multiplexor Channel     multiplex printer     Multipop-68     multiprocessing     multiprocessor     multiprogramming     Multiprotocol Label Switching     Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions     multiscan     MultiScheme     Multistation Access Unit     multisync     Multisystem eXtention Interface Bus     multitasking     Multi-tasking Program for Microcomputers     multithreaded     multithreading     MultiTOS     multi-user     Multi-User Dimension     Multi-User Dungeon     Multi-User Shared Hallucination     Multi-Version Concurrency Control     multi-way branch     MuMath     mumblage     mumble     mumble mode     MUMPS     munch     munching     munching squares     munchkin     mundane     mung     munge     MUP     MU-Prolog     Murphy's Law     Muse     museum     MUSH     Music     Musical Instrument Digital Interface     Musicam     MuSimp     MUSL     mutant     Mutation Testing     MuTeX     mutex     mutter     mutual exclusion     mutually recursive     mutual recursion     mux     mv     MVC     MVCC     MVS     MVS/ESA     MVS/OE     MVS/Open Edition     MVS/SP     MVS/XA     mw     MX     mx     MXI     MXIbus     MX Record     my     My Favourite Toy Language     MYOB     MySpace     MySQL     MySQL AB     MYSTIC     MZ     mz