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L0     L0pht     l10n     L1 cache     L2 cache     L2CAP     L2TP     L6     la     label     label edge router     Label Forwarding Information Base     label switched path     label switching     Label Switching Router     Lab for Computer Science     Laboratoire lorrain de recherche en informatique et ses applications     Laboratory INstrument Computer     Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench     LaborNet     Labtech Notebook     LabVIEW     Lace     lace card     ladder logic     LADY     lag     Lakota     LALR     lalr.ss     Lambada-Calculus     LAMBDA     lambda abstraction     lambda-calculus     lambda expression     lambda lifting     LambdaMOO     Lambda Prolog     lamer     LAMINA     lamp-post error     LAN     LAN administrator     LANCE     language     language-based editor     language code     Language for Communicating Systems     Language for the On-Line Investigation and Transformation of Abstractions     Language H     language lawyer     Language Of Temporal Ordering Specification     Language Sensitive Editor     language-sensitive editor     languages of choice     Laning and Zierler     Lan Kanal Adapter     LANL     Lan Manager     LANtastic     LAP     LAP4     LAPB     LAPD     LAPM     LAPSE     laptop     laptop computer     LaQuey     Larch     Larch/C++     LARCH/CLU     Large Installation Systems Administration     Larry Wall     LART     larval stage     lase     laser     laser printer     Lasherism     last call optimisation     last-in first-out     LAT     latch     latency     LaTeX     Latin 1     lattice     LAU     laundromat     LAURE     LAVA     law     LAWN     Lawrence Livermore Labs     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory     LAX     layer     layer 1     layer 2     layer 3     layer 4     layer 5     layer 6     layer 7     Layer Two Tunneling Protocol     laziness     lazy evaluation     lazy list     Lazy SML     lazy sml2c     Lazy Standard ML     lb     LBA     LBE     LBL     LBX     lc     LCC     lcc     LCD     LCF     LCL     lclint     LCP     LCS     ld     LDAP     LDB     LDL     LDL1     LDP     LDT     LE/1     leading     LEAF     leaf     Leaf Distribution Limited     leaf site     League for Programming Freedom     leak     leaky heap     Lean     LEAP     leapfrog attack     leap second     learning curve     leased line     least fixed point     least recently used     least significant bit     least upper bound     leaves     LEC     LECOM     LED     LEDA     Leda     LED page printer     LED printer     leech     leet     left arrow     left brace     left bracket     left join     left outer join     left parenthesis     LeFun     legacy     legacy code     legacy software     legacy system     legal     legalese     LEGOL     Le-Lisp     lemma     Lempel-Ziv compression     Lempel-Ziv Welch compression     Lenat, Doug     lenient evaluation     LEO     Leo     LER     LERP     less than     LessTif     let floating     letterbomb     level 1 cache     level 2 cache     LEVEL5 OBJECT     level one cache     level-sensitive scan design     level two cache     Lex     lexeme     lexer     lexical analyser     lexical analysis     lexical scope     lexical scoping     lexiphage     LF     LFIB     LG     LGDF     LGEN     LGN     lha     LHARC     lhs     li     Liana     Liar     liar paradox     lib     libg++     library     Library of Efficient Data types and Algorithms     librery     LIDO     LiE     LIF     LIFE     Life     life     life-cycle     Life is hard     LIFIA     LIFO     lifted domain     LIGHT     light client     light-emitting diode     light-emitting resistor     light pen     light pipe     light-weight     Lightweight Directory Access Protocol     light-weight process     like kicking dead whales down the beach     like nailing jelly to a tree     like this     Lila     Lilith     LILLIAC IV     lilo     Lily     LIMDEP     LIM EMS     LIMP     Linc     Lincoln Reckoner     LINCtape     Linda     LindaLISP     line     line 666     linear address space     linear argument     linear assignment     linear function     Linear Graph Notation     linear logic     linear map     linear programming     linear space     linear topology     linear transformation     linear type     line conditioning     line eater     line editor     line feed     line noise     line printer     line probing     lines of code     lines per minute     line starve     Lingo     LINGOL     link     Link Access Procedure on the D channel     Link Access Protocol Balanced     Link Access Protocol for Modems     linkage editor     Link Control Protocol     link-dead     link editor     linked list     linker     link farm     link loader     link rot     links     Link State Routing Protocol     LINPACK     lint     Linux     Linux Documentation Project     Linux Loader     Linux Network Administrators' Guide     Linux User Group     lion food     Lions Book     LIPL     liquid crystal display     LIS     LISA     Liskov, Barbara     Liskov substitution principle     Lisp     LISP 1     LISP 1.5     LISP 2     LISP70     LISP A     LISP Extended Algebraic Facility     Lispkit     Lispkit Lisp     Lisp-Linda     Lisp Machine     LISP Machine LISP     Lisp Object-Oriented Programming System     LISP, Objects, and Symbolic Programming     Lisptalk     LispView     list     list comprehension     List Enhanced     listless     Listproc     lists     Listserv     Liszt     lite     literal     literate programming     literature     LITHE     lithium lick     LitProg     LITTLE     little-endian     Little Smalltalk     live data     Live Free Or Die!     livelock     LiveScript     liveware     lk     LKA     LL     LLC     LLGen     LLM3     LLNL     LLP     LM3     LMAO     LMDS     lmgtfy.com     LML     LM-Prolog     LMTP     LNF     LO     L&O     load     load balancing     load-bearing printf     lobotomy     LOC     local area network     Local Area Terminal     local bus     locale     local echo     local exchange carrier     localisation     localised     locality     local loop     local loopback addresses     Local Mail Transfer Protocol     Local Multipoint Distribution System     locals     Local Shared Resources     LocalTalk     local variable     location     Loch Ness Monster Bug     locked and loaded     locked up     lock-in     Locus     Loebner Prize     log     logarithmus dualis     LogC     logic     logical     logical address     Logical Block Addressing     logical complement     Logical Interchange Format     Logical Link Control     Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol     logical relation     logical shift     logical shift left     logical shift right     Logical Unit     Logical Unit 6.2     Logical Unit Number     logic bomb     Logic Design Language     logic emulator     Logic for Computable Functions     logic gate     logic programming     Logic Replacement Technology     logic variable     LOGIN     log in     LOGISCOPE     Loglan     Loglan'82     Loglan-88     LOGLISP     LOGO     log off     LOGOL     logon     log out     Lojban     LOL     LOLITA     Lolli     LOM     longitudinal parity     Longitudinal Redundancy Check     LOOK     Look Ahead Left-to-right parse, Rightmost-derivation     Look ahead LR     look and feel     Looking Glass     LOOKS     loop     loop combination     loop fusion     LOOPN     LOOPS     loop through     loose bytes     LOP     lord high fixer     Lore     Lorem ipsum     Lorenz attractor     LORIA     lose     loser     losing     loss     lossage     lossless     lossless audio compression     Lossless Predictive Audio Compression     lossy     lossy audio compression     lost in the noise     lost in the underflow     LOTIS     LOTOS     lots of MIPS but no I/O     Lotus 1-2-3     Lotus Development Corporation     Lotus Notes     Lotus Notes Formula Language     LotusScript     loudspeaker     Lout     love     low-bandwidth     Low Bandwidth X     low earth orbit     Lower Layer Protocol     lower set     Low Insertion Force     LOWL     low-level language     low pass filter     Low Voltage Differential     LPAC     LPC     LPF     LPG     LPI     LPL     lpm     LP MUD     lpr     LPS     lp spooler     LPT     lr     LRC     LRLTRAN     LRU     ls     LSA     LSB     LSE     LSL     LSML     L-Soft     LSP     LSR     LSSD     LSYD     lt     LT-2     LTL     LTPS     LTR     LTR3     lu     LU6.2     lub     Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology     Lucent Technologies     LUCID     Lucid Emacs     Lucinda     Lucy     LUG     luminance     lump uncurrying     LUN     lunatic fringe     Lund Simula     Lund Software House AB     lurk     lurker     lurking     luser     Luser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool     LUSTRE     lv     lvalue     LVD     LWP     ly     LYaPAS     Lycos     lylafklc     lynix     LYNX     Lynx     LynxOS     Lynx Real-Time Systems     LYRIC     LZ77 compression     LZ78 compression     LZ compression     lzexe     lzh     LZH compression     LZW compression