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FCP     FC-PGA     FCS     FDC     FDD     FDDI     FDISK     fd leak     fdlibm     FDMA     FDSE     FDSP     FDT     fdx     FEA     fear and loathing     feasibility study     feasible     feature     feature creature     feature creep     featurectomy     feature key     feature shock     FEC     FED     Federal Geographic Data Committee     Federal Information Exchange     Federal Information Processing Standards     Federal Networking Council     federation     Federation Against Software Theft Limited     Fedora     feed     feedback     feedback control     feed-forward     Feel     feep     feeper     feeping creature     feeping creaturism     FEL     femto-     fence     fencepost error     fepped out     FEPROM     Fermat prime     Fermat's Last Post     Ferranti F100-L     ferrite core memory     Ferroelectric RAM     Ferroelectric Random Access Memory     Fetch     fetch-execute cycle     Feynman, Richard P.     FF     ffccc     FFP     FFT     FGDC     FGHC     FGL     FGL+LV     FGRAAL     fgrep     FhG     FHS     FHSS     fi     Fiber Distributed Data Interface     Fiber Optic InterRepeater Link     fiber optics     Fibonacci sequence     Fibre Channel     Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop     fibre optics     FIDIL     FIDO     FidoNet     field     field circus     field effect transistor     field emission display     field mouse     field-programmable gate array     field servoid     FIFO     Fifth     Fifth Dimension Technologies     fifth generation language     fifth normal form     Fight-o-net     file     File Allocation Table     File Attach     File Composition     file compression     file control block     file descriptor     file descriptor leak     file extension     FileMaker     FileMaker, Inc.     filename extension     FileNet     File Request     File Separator     file server     File Service Protocol     file signature     file system     Filesystem Hierarchy Standard     file transfer     File Transfer Protocol     file type     filing system     filk     fill-out form     film at 11     FILO     Filtabyte     filter     filter promotion     FIMS     Finagle's Law     Financial Information eXchange     Finder     fine adjuster     fine grain     finger     finger-pointing syndrome     finite     Finite Automata     Finite Automaton     finite differencing     Finite Impulse Response     Finite State Automata     Finite State Automaton     Finite State Machine     finn     FIPS     FIR     firebottle     firefighting     Firefox     firehose syndrome     firewall     firewall code     firewall machine     FireWire     fireworks mode     Firmware     firmy     first class module     First Fit     first generation     first generation computer     first generation language     first-in first-out     first normal form     first-order     first-order logic     First Party DMA     fish     FISH queue     FITNR     FITS     FIX     fix     fixed disk     fixed point     fixed-point     fixed point combinator     fixed-radio access     fixed-width     FIXME     fixpoint     fj     Fjolnir     fk     FL     F+L     flag     flag day     FLAIR     flaky     flamage     flame     flame bait     flame off     flame on     flamer     flame war     flaming     FLAP     flap     flapping router     flarp     Flash     flash     flash drive     Flash EPROM     Flash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory     Flash Lights Impressively     flash memory     Flash ROM     flat     flat address space     flat ASCII     flat file     flat file database     flatten     flat thunk     Flavors     Fleng     FLEX     Flex     Flex++     Flex 2     FLI     flib     FLIC     FLIP     Flip Chip Pin Grid Array     flip-flop     flippy     FLIP-SPUR     float     floater     floating head     floating-point     floating-point accelerator     Floating-Point SPECbaserate     Floating-Point SPECbaseratio     Floating-Point SPECrate     Floating-Point SPECratio     floating point underflow     Floating-Point Unit     floating underflow     F-Logic     flood     FLOP     Floppy     floppy     floppy disc     floppy disk     floppy disk drive     floppy drive     FLOPS     Flops     floptical     Flow     flow chart     flow control     flower key     FLOW-MATIC or FLOWMATIC     flow of control     FLPL     FLUB     Fluegelman, Andrew     flush     Flynn's taxonomy     fly page     Flyspeck 3     flytrap     FM     fm     FMPL     FMQ     FMS     FMV     FNAL     FNC     fnord     FN tunnelling     fo     FOAD     FOAF     FOCAL     FOCL     FOCUS     focus group     FOD     FOIL     FoIP     FOIRL     fold case     folder     FOLDOC     followup     font     fontology     foo     foobar     foogol     FOOL     fool file     Fools' Lisp     Foonly     FOOP     foot-net     footprint     for     fora     FORC     Force     ForceOne     ForceTwo     foreground     Foreign eXchange Office     Foreign eXchange Subscriber     foreign key     Foresight     for free     fork     fork bomb     forked     for loop     FORM     FORMAC     FORMAL     formal argument     Formal Description Technique     formal methods     Formal Object Role Modeling Language     formal review     format     FORMAT-Fortran     Formatting Output Specification Instance     Formes     form factor     form feed     form function     FORML     forms     formula     Formula ALGOL     Forsythe     FORTH     for The Rest Of Them     for The Rest Of Us     Forth Modification Lab     Fortran     Fortran 66     Fortran 77     Fortran 90     Fortran Automatic Symbol Translator     Fortran D     Fortran I     Fortran II     Fortran III     Fortran IV     Fortran-Linda     Fortran M     Fortran Matrix Abstraction Technique Fortran     Fortran-Plus     FORTRANSIT     Fortran V     Fortran VI     Fortrash     FORTRUNCIBLE     fortune cookie     forum     for values of     forward     forward analysis     forward chaining     forward compatibility     forward compatible     forward delta     forward engineering     Forward Error Correction     forwards compatibility     forwards compatible     FORWISS     For Your Information     FOSI     FOSIL     FOSS     fossil     foundation     FOundation for Research and Technology - Hellas     four-colour glossies     four colour map theorem     four colour theorem     Fourier transform     fourth generation computer     fourth generation language     fourth normal form     Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling     Fox     FoxBASE+     FoxPRO     Fox Software     Fox Wiki     FP     FP2     FPA     fpc     FPGA     FPLMTS     FPM     FP/M     FPM DRAM     fprintf     fps     FPU     FQDN     FQL     fr     FRA     fractal     fractal compression     fractal dimension     FRAD     fragile     fragment     fragmentation     FRAM     frame     frame buffer     Frame Check Sequence     frame grabber     FrameKit     FrameMaker     frame pointer     frame rate     Frame Relay     Frame Relay Access Device     frames per second     Frame Technology Corporation     framework     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    FSK     FSL     FSM     FSP     fsplit     FT     FTAM     FTP     FTP archive     FTP by mail     FTP server     FTP Software, Inc.     FTTP     FTW     FTX     FUBAR     FUD     fudge     fudge factor     Fudgets     FUDGIT     FUD wars     Fuel-can     Fugue     Fujitsu     full-custom     full-duplex     full-duplex Switched Ethernet     full laziness     full-motion video     full outer join     fully associative cache     Fully Automated Compiling Technique     fully lazy lambda lifting     fully qualified domain name     fum     Fun     function     functional     functional database     functional dependency     functionality     functional language     functional program     functional programming     functional programming language     functional requirements     functional specification     functional testing     functional unit     function application     function complete     Function Graph Language     function inlining     function key     Function Point Analysis     functor     funky     FUNLOG     FunnelWeb     funny money     furigana     furrfu     FUSE     FUSION     fusion     FutureBasic     future date testing     futz     fuzzball     fuzzy computing     fuzzy logic     fuzzy subset     fweep     FWIW     fx     FX-87     FX-90     FXO     FXS     FYA     FYI     FYI4