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C     C#     C*     C++     C+-     C+@     C-10     C1 security     c2man     C2 security     c386     C5     C64     c68     CA     ca     cable modem     cache     cache block     cache coherency     cache conflict     cache consistency     cache hit     cache line     cache memory     cache miss     Cache On A STick     caching     CACI     CACM     CAD     CAD/CAM     CADD     Cadence Design Systems     CADET     CADRE     CAE     CAF     CAFE     CAGE     CAI     Cairo     CAIS     CAIS-A     CAiSE     CAJOLE     CAL     Calc     calculator     Calculus of Communicating Systems     Calendar API     Calendar Application Programming Interface     Caliban     Calico     California State University San Marcos     callback     call-by-name     call-by-need     call-by-reference     call-by-value     call-by-value-result     call/cc     Call Data Record     callee     Caller ID     calling convention     Call-Level Interface     Call Unix     Callware     call-with-current-continuation     CALS     Caltech Intermediate Form     CAM     CAM-6     CAMAL     Cambridge Lisp     Camelot Library     camera ready     CAMIL     CAML     Caml Light     CAM-PC     Campus Wide Information System     CAN     Canada     Cancel     Cancelbunny     Cancelm00se     Cancelmoose     Cancelpoodle     candidate key     Candle     candygrammar     canonical     Canonical Encoding Rules     canonical name     canonicity     C (ANSI)     can't happen     Cantor     CAP     Capabilities Maturity Model     capability     Capability Maturity Model     capacitor     capacity     CAPI     Cap'n Crunch     Captain Abstraction     Captain Crunch     CAPTCHA     CAR     card     Cardbox for Windows     Cardbus     card creep     cardinality     cardinal number     CARDS     card walloper     Career Limiting Move     caret     careware     cargo cult programming     Caribou CodeWorks     Carl Friedrich Gauss     Carnegie Mellon University     carpal tunnel syndrome     Carriage Return     Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation     carrier scanner     carrier signal     Cartesian coordinates     Cartesian product     CAS     CAS 8051 Assembler     cascade     Cascading Style Sheets     CASE     case     case and paste     case based reasoning     CASE Data Interchange Format     CASE framework     case insensitive     Case Integration Services     CASE*Method     case sensitive     case sensitivity     CASE SOAP III     case statement     CASE tools     cashe     CAST     cast     casters-up mode     casting the runes     CAT     cat     Cat 3     Cat 5     catatonic     CATE     Categorical Abstract Machine Language     category     Category 3     Category 5     CA-Telon     cathode ray tube     CATIA     cationic cocktail     C/ATLAS     CATNIP     CATO     Cauchy sequence     cause-effect graphing     CAV     Cayenne Software     CAYLEY     cb     CBASIC     CBBS     C-BC     CBD     C Beautifier     CBIR     CBN     CBR     CBT     CBV     cbw     cc     CC++     C/C++     CCalc     CCD     CCIRN     CCITT     CCITT HIgh-Level Language     CCL     CCLU     ccmail     cc:mail     CCP     CCR     CCS     CCSP     CCTA     CD     cd     CDA     CD burner     CDC     CDC 6600     CDDI     CDD/Plus     CDE     CDF     CD-i     CDIF     CDL     CDM     CDMA     CDP1802     CDPD     CDR     CD-Read-Write     CD-Rewritable     CD-ROM     CD-ROM drive     CD-RW     CDS     cd tilde     CDW     CE     Cecil     Cedar     CEEMAC+     CEI-PACT     Celeron     CELIP     cell     Cellang     CELLAS     Cello     cell reference     CELLSIM     CEll Space Simulation Language     Cellular     cellular automata     cellular automaton     Cellular Digital Packet Data     cellular multiprocessing     Cellular Neural Network     CELP     CEN     CENELEC     centi-call second     central office     Central office exchange service     central processing unit     Centrex     Centronics     Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica     centum call second     century meltdown     CEN/XFS     cepstra     cepstrum     CEPT     CER     Ceramic Pin Grid Array     Ceres workstation Oberon System     Cerf, Vint     CERN     CERNLIB     CERT     Certificate Authority     CESP     CESSL     cextract     cf     CFD     CFML     cforth     cfortran.h     CFP     CFP92     cg     CGA     CGGL     CGI     cgi-bin     CGI Joe     CGI program     CGI script     CGM     CGOL     cgram     Ch     ch     chad     chad box     Chadless keypunch     chain     Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol     Chalmers University of Technology     change management     changeover     channel     channel associated signaling     channel hopping     channel op     channel service unit     channel service unit/data service unit     chan op     chaos     CHAP     char     character     character encoding     character encoding scheme     character graphics     characteristic function     character key     character repertoire     character set     character set identifier     charge-coupled device     CHARITY     charityware     Charles Babbage     Charles Simonyi     CHARM     CHARM++     Charme     CHARYBDIS     chase pointers     CHASM     chat     chatbot     chat room     chatterbot     CHeap ASseMbler     cheapernet     checkdigit     Checkout Test language     checkpoint     checksum     chemist     Chen     CHEOPS     Chernobyl packet     chess     CHI     Chicago     chicken head     chicklet keyboard     chiclet keyboard     Chief Information Officer     child     child process     child record     child version     CHILI     CHILL     Chimera     chine nual     Chinese Army technique     CHIP     chip     CHIP-48     CHIP-8     chip art     chip box     chip creep     chip graffiti     Chip Jewelry     Chip Scale Packaging     chip set     Chips & Technologies     CHISEL     chm     chmod     CHOCS     choke     chomp     CHOP     Chop     Chorus     Christmas tree     Christmas tree packet     Christopher Strachey     chromatic number     chrome     chroot     CHRP     chug     chug report     chunker     Church, Alonzo     Church integer     Church of the SubGenius     Church-Rosser Theorem     ci     CI$     CICERO     Cichlid     CICS     CID     CIDR     CIEL     CIF     CIFS     Cigale     CIL     CIM     CIMS PL/I     Cinderella Book     CINT92     C-Interp     CIO     ciphertext     CIP-L     CIP Language     CIR     CIRCAL     circuit     CIRcuit CALculus     circuit switch     circuit switched     circuit switching     circular buffer     Cirrus Logic     CIS     CISC     Cisco Systems, Inc.     CISI     CITRAN     CityScape     CIX     CJK     CJKV     ck     CL     cl     CLAM     C Language Integrated Production System     Clarify     Clarion     Claris     CLASP     class     Class 5 switch     class hierarchy     classic     Classic-Ada     classical logic     Classic C     Classless Inter-Domain Routing     class library     class method     Class Oriented Ring Associated Language     Class-Relation Method     Clausal Language     clause     Clean     clean     cleanroom     CLEAR     clear box testing     Clear Language for Expressing Orders     CLEO     CLHEP     CLI     CLiCC     click     client     client-server     client/server     Client-Server Analyst Programmer     client-server model     Client To Client Protocol     C++Linda     C-Linda     CLIP     CLiP     clipboard     Clipper     CLIPS     clique     CLISP     Clive Sinclair     CLIX     CLM     CLNP     clobber     clock     clock frequency     clock rate     clock speed     clone     clone-and-hack coding     clonebot     CLOS     closed-box testing     closed set     closed term     Clos network     closure     closure conversion     cloud     cloud computing     Clover     clover key     CLP     CLP*     CLP(R)     CLP(sigma*)     CLR     CLtL1     CLtL2     CLU     clu2c     cluster     Cluster 86     clustergeeking     clustering     CLUT     CLV     CLX     CM     cm     CMA     CMAY     CMC     cmd     CMGA     CMIP     CMIS     CML     CMM     CMOS     CMP     CMS     CMS-2     CMU     CMU CL     CMU Common Lisp     CMVC     CMYK     CMZ     cn     CNAME     CNC     CNET     CNI     CNN     CNR     CNRI     co     CO2     Coad/Yourdon     COALA     coalesced sum     Coalition for Networked Information     coarse grain     COAST     coax     coaxial cable     COBOL     COBOL-1961 Extended     COBOL fingers     COBRA     cobwebsite     Cocktail     cocktail shaker sort     CoCo     Cocol     Coco Language     Cocol/R     COCOMO     Coco/R     CODASYL     Codd's First Normal Form     Codd's reduction algorithm     code     Code 2.0     codebook     CODEC     CodeCenter     coded character set     Code Division Multiple Access     code division multiplexing     Code-Generator Generator Language     code grinder     code management     code police     code position     coder/decoder     codes     C-odeScript     code segment     code walk     codewalker     CODIL     codomain     coercion     COFF     COGENT     Cogent Prolog     Cognitech     cognitive architecture     COGO     Coherent Parallel C     COHESION     COIF     CoIP     cokebottle     COLASL     COLD     cold boot     ColdFusion     ColdFusion Markup Language     COLD-K     COLINGO     collision     collision detection     collocation     co-location     colon     color     Color Graphics Adapter     color model     Colossus     colour     colour depth     colour look-up table     colour model     colour palette     Columbia AppleTalk Package     column     Column Address Strobe     COM     com     COMAL     combination     combinator     combinatory logic     Comdex     COME FROM     COMIS     COMIT     Comite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications     COMIT II     Comma     comma     command     Command Control Processor     command interpreter     command key     command line interface     command-line interpreter     command line option     comma separated values     COMMEN     comment     commented out     comment out     commercial at     Commercial Internet eXchange     commercial off-the-shelf software     commercial software     Commercial Translator     Committed Data Rate     Committed Information Rate     comm mode     Commodore     Commodore 1010     Commodore 128     Commodore 1541     Commodore 1570     Commodore 1571     Commodore 1581     Commodore 64     Commodore 64DX     Commodore 65     Commodore Business Machines     Commodore SX64     COMmon Algorithmic Language     Common Applications Environment     Common Applications Service Element     Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol     COmmon Business Oriented Language     common carrier     Common Command Set     Common Communication Services     Common Desktop Environment     Common ESP     Common Gateway Interface     Common Hardware Reference Platform     Common Information Model     Common Intermediate Format     Common Intermediate Language     Common Internet File System     Common-ISDN-API     Common ISDN Application Programming Interface     Common Lisp     Common LISP in Parallel     Common LISP Object System     CommonLoops     Common Management Information Protocol     Common Management Information Services     Common Object File Format     Common Object Model     Common Object Request Broker Architecture     Common Objects     Common Program Interface     Common User Access     Commonwealth Hackish     Communicating Functional Processes     Communicating Sequential Processes     Communication and Network Riser     Communications Decency Act     Communications of the ACM     communications port     Communications Server     communications software     communication system     Community of Massive Gaming Agency     COMNET     compact     Compact COBOL     Compact Disc     Compact Disc interactive     Compact Disc Read-Only Memory     Compact Disc Read-Write     Compact Disc Recordable     Compact Disc Rewritable     Compact Disc writer     compaction     compactness preserving     Compaq Computer Corporation     Compas Pascal     COMPASS     compatibility     compatible     Compatible Timesharing System     Compel     Competitive Access Provider     Compiled HTML     compiler     COmpiler and GENeralized Translator     compiler compiler     Compiler-Compiler     compiler-compiler     compiler jock     Compiler Language for Information Processing     Compiler Target Language     compile time     COMPL     complement     Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor     complementary nondeterministic polynomial     complete     complete graph     complete inference system     complete lattice     complete metric space     completeness     complete partial ordering     complete theory     complete unification     Complex Instruction Set Computer     complexity     complexity analysis     complexity class     complexity measure     complex number     complex programmable logic device     component     component architecture     component based development     Component Integration Laboratories     Component Object Model     com port     composite     composition     Compositional C++     Compound Document Architecture     compound key     COMPREHENSIVE     Comprehensive Perl Archive Network     Comprehensive TeX Archive Network     compress     Compressed SLIP     compressed video     compression     COMPROSL     Compu$erve     Compulink Information eXchange     CompuServe     CompuServe Corporation     CompuServe Information Service     CompuServe Interactive Services     Compusult Ltd.     computability theory     computable     Computational Adequacy Theorem     computational complexity     Computational Fluid Dynamics     computational geometry     computational learning     computational molecular biology     COMpute ParallEL     Computer     computer     Computer Aided Design     Computer Aided Detector Design     Computer Aided Engineering     Computer-Aided Instruction     Computer-Aided Learning     Computer Aided Software Engineering     Computer-Aided Software Testing     Computer Aided Test Engineering     Computer Animation Movie Language     Computer-Assisted Learning     Computer-Assisted Software Engineering     Computer Associates International, Inc.     Computer-Based Training     computer bus     Computer Compiler     computer confetti     Computer Conservation Society     computer cookie     computer crime     Computer Design Language     computer dictionary     Computer Emergency Response Team     computer ethics     computer file     computer geek     computer-generated imagery     Computer Generation Incorporated     Computer Graphics Metafile     Computer Integrated Manufacturing     computer language     Computer Language for AeronauticS and Programming     computer law     computer literacy     Computer Management Group of Australia     Computer Mediated Communication     computer nerd     computer network     Computer Output on Microfilm     Computer Output to Laser Disc     Computer Output to Laser Disk     Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility     computer program     Computer + Science NETwork     computer security     computer sex     Computer Software Configuration Item     Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning     Computer Supported Cooperative Work     Computer Telephone Integration     Computer Telephony     Computer Telephony Integration     computer virus     computer vision     compute server     computing     Computing Devices Canada Ltd.     computing dictionary     computron     Compuware Corporation     COMSL     COMTRAN     ConC     concatenate     concatenated key     concentrator     conceptualisation     Concert/C     ConCoord     concrete class     Concrete Data Structure     concrete syntax     CONCUR     concurrency     Concurrent C     Concurrent C++     Concurrent Clean     Concurrent CLU     Concurrent Constraint Programming     Concurrent Euclid     Concurrent LISP     Concurrent Massey Hope     Concurrent ML     Concurrent Oberon     Concurrent Object-Oriented C     Concurrent Object-Oriented Language     Concurrent Pascal     concurrent processing     Concurrent Prolog     Concurrent Scheme     ConcurrentSmalltalk     Concurrent SP/k     Concurrent Versions System     condela     condition out     condom     Conference On DAta SYstems Languages     Conferencing over IP     confidence test     CONFIG.SYS     configuraholic     configuration item     configuration management     configuration programming     configure     conflation     congestion     CONIC     conjunction     Conjunctive Normal Form     connect     connected graph     connected subgraph     Connection Definition Language     connectionless protocol     Connection Machine LISP     connection-oriented     connection-oriented network service     connective     connector conspiracy     CONNIVER     Co-NP     CONS     cons     conservative evaluation     considered harmful     consistently complete     console     console jockey     consortium     Consortium for Lexical Research     constant angular velocity     constant applicative form     constant folding     Constantine/Yourdon     constant linear velocity     constant mapping     constraint     constraint functional programming     Constraint Handling In Prolog     ConstraintLisp     Constraint Logic Programming     CONSTRAINTS     constraint satisfaction     constructed type     Constructive Cost Model     constructive proof     constructive solid geometry     constructor     Consul     consultant     container class     content addressable memory     content-based information retrieval     Content Data Model     content-free     contention slot     Contents of Decrement part of Register     context     context clash     COntext Dependent Information Language     context-free     context-sensitive menu     context switch     Contextually Communicating Sequential Processes     continental drift     continuation     Continuation Passing Style     continuation passing style     continuations     continuous function     Continuous System Modeling Program     Continuous System Simulation Language     continuous wave     contraction     contract programmer     control     Control and Status Register     control bus     control-C     control code     control flow     control-G     Control Language     controller     control-O     Control Program     Control Program for Microcomputers     control-Q     control-S     control structure     control tty     control unit     conventional memory     converged network     Convergent Technologies     Convergent Technologies Operating System     Conversational LISP     Conversational Monitor System     converse     conversion to iteration     CONVERT     convert.f90     Convex Computer Corporation     convex hull     Conway, John Horton     Conway's Law     Conway's Life     cooC     cooccurrence matrix     cookbook     cooked mode     cookie     cookie bear     cookie file     cookie jar     cookie monster     cooky     COOL     CooL     COOL:Gen     Co-operative Development Environment     Cooperative Information System     cooperative multitasking     coordinate     Coordinated Universal Time     Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks     coordination language     copious free time     copper     Copper Distributed Data Interface     coprocessor     copy and paste     copybook     copybroke     copying garbage collection     copyleft     copy member     copy module     copy protection     copyright     copyright symbol     copywronged     CORAL     CORAL 66     CORBA     CORBIE     CORC     core     core cancer     core dump     core gateway     Corel Corporation     core leak     Corel VENTURA     Core Protocol Stack     Core War     corge     Cornell List Processor     Cornell Theory Center     Cornell University     Coroutine Pascal     Corporation for National Research Initiatives     Corporation for Open Systems     Corporation for Research and Educational Networking     CORREGATE     Correlatives and Conversions     Cortex     CORTL     COS     COSE     COSINE     cosmic rays     COSS     cost control callback     Cost Driver Attribute     Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria     COTS     Cougar     cough and die     count     countable     countably many     counted     counterbug     country code     coupling     Course Author Language     courseware     Coursewriter III     cowboy     COWSEL     CP     CPAN     CParaOps5     CPE     CPGA     CPI     CPL     CPLD     CPM     CP/M     cpo     cpp     cppp     C preprocessor     C Programmer's Disease     C-Prolog     cproto     CPS     CPSR     CPU     CPU Info Center     CPU time     CPU Wars     CR     cr     cracker     cracking     crack root     crank     crapplet     CrApTeX     crash     crash and burn     crawler     crawling horror     Cray instability     crayola     crayola books     crayon     Cray Research, Inc.     CRC     creationism     creeping elegance     creeping featurism     creeping featuritis     C-Refine     CREN     CREW PRAM     crippleware     criptography     Crisis Software     CRISP     crisp     Crispy Critters     critical mass     critical section     CRL     CRLF     CRM     crock     cron     cross-assembler     cross-compiler     cross-platform     cross-post     cross software     CROSSTABS     crosstalk     CROW PRAM     CRT     CRUD     crudware     cruft     crufted     cruft together     crumb     crunch     cruncha cruncha cruncha     crunchy     cryppie     crypt     cryptanalysis     Crypt Breakers Workbench     cryptography     cryptology     Crystal     CS-4     C-Scheme     CSCI     C/SCSC     CSCW     CSG     CSG-tree     csh     C sharp     C shell     CSID     C++SIM     CSK Corporation     CSK Software     CSL     CSLIP     CSM     CSMA/CD     CSMP     CSNET     CSO     CSP     CSP/80     CS/PCode     CSP/k     CS-Prolog     CSPS     CSP-S     CS/QCode     CSR     CSS     CSSA     CSS/II     CSSL     CSTools     CSU     CSU/DSU     CSV     CT     CTC     CTC++     CTCP     CTI     CTL     CTOS     ctrl     CTS     CTSS     CTY     CU     cu     CUA     Cube     cube     cubing     CUCH     Cuckoo's Egg     CUL     Culler-Fried System     CUPID     CUPL     curly bracket     current     curried function     currying     curseperl     curses     cursor     cursor dipped in X     CU-SeeMe     CUSI     cuspy     custom     Customer Information Control System     Customer Information Systems     Customer Interaction Software     Customer Relationship Management     CUT     cut and paste     cut-and-waste code     cut a tape     cutover     cut-through switching     cv     CVS     CW     CWeb     CWI     CWIC     CWIS     C with Classes     cx     cxref     cy     Cy486SLC     cyber     cyberbunny     cyberchondriac     cybercrud     CyberGlove     cybernetics     cyberpunk     cyberrhea     cybersex     cyberspace     cyberspastic     cyber-squatting     CyberWand     CyberZine     CYBIL     Cyc     CYCL     cycle     cyclebabble     cycle crunch     cycle drought     cycle of reincarnation     cycle server     cyclic redundancy check     cyclic redundancy code     Cyclo     cyclomatic complexity     Cygnus Tcl Tools     cylinder     CypherText     Cyrix     Cyrix 6x86     cz