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Acknowledgements     A#     A-0     a1     A1 security     A20 handler     A-3     A3D     A4C     a56     AAC     AADL     AAL     AAP     AAP DTD     aard     AARP     AARP probe packets     AAUI     A&B     abbrev     Abbreviated Test Language for Avionics Systems     ABC     ABC ALGOL     ABCL/1     ABCL/c+     ABCL/R     ABCL/R2     abduction     ABEND     AberMUD     ABI     ABLE     ABM     ABNF     abort     ABP     ABR     abscissa     ABSET     absolute path     absolute pathname     abstract     abstract class     abstract data type     abstract interpretation     abstraction     abstract machine     Abstract Machine Notation     abstract syntax     Abstract Syntax Notation 1     abstract syntax tree     Abstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language     Abstract Windowing Toolkit     Abstract Window Toolkit     ABSYS     AC2     AC3     ACA     ACAP     Accelerated Graphics Port     accelerator     Accent     accept     Acceptable Use Policy     acceptance testing     Acceptance, Test Or Launch Language     acceptor     Access     Access Control List     access method     access permission     access point     access time     ACCLAIM     Accounting File     accounting management     Account Representative     ACCU     accumulator     accuracy     ACE     ACF     ACF/NCP     ACIA     ACID     ACIS     ACK     ACL     ACM     ACME     ACOM     acorn     Acorn Archimedes     Acorn Computer Group     Acorn Computers Ltd.     Acorn Online Media     Acorn RISC Machine     ACOS     acoustic coupler     ACP     ACPI     Acrobat     acronym     ACSE     ACT     ACT++     Act1     ACT 1     Act2     Act3     Actalk     Actis     activation record     active DBMS     Active Directory     Active Language I     active matrix display     Active Measurement Project     Active Monitor     active object     Active Reconfiguring Message     Active Server Pages     ActiveX     ActiveX Data Objects     ACT ONE     Actor     actor     Actors     actor/singer/waiter/webmaster     Actra     actual argument     Actus     AD     ad     Ada     Ada++     Ada 83     Ada 95     Ada 9X     ADABAS     Ada Core Technologies     Ada/Ed     Adaline     Ada Lovelace     ADAM     Adam7     Adamakegen     ADAMO     Adam Osborne     Ada-O     Adaplan     Adaplex     Ada Programming Support Environment     ADAPT     Adaptable User Interface     Adaptec     adaptive answering     Adaptive Communication Environment     Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation     adaptive learning     adaptive routing     Adaptive Server Enterprise     Adaptive Simulated Annealing     Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding     Adaptor     Ada Semantic Interface Specification     Ada Software Repository     ADC     ADCCP     A/D converter     ADCU     AD/Cycle     ADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL     ADDD     additive     address     address book     address bus     addressed call mode     addressee     addressing mode     address mask     address resolution     Address Resolution Protocol     address space     Address Strobe     ADELE     ADES     ad hoc     ad-hockery     ad-hoc polymorphism     Aditi     adjacency     adjacent     ADL     AdLog     ADM     ADMD     admin     Administration Management Domain     administrative distance     Administrative Domain     admissible     ADO     Adobe Systems, Inc.     Adobe Type Manager     ADPCM     ADR     ADS     ADSL     ADSP     ADSU     ADT     Advanced Audio Coding     Advanced Communication Function/Network Control Program     Advanced Communications Function     Advanced Computing Environment     Advanced Configuration and Power Interface     Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol     Advanced Encryption Standard     Advanced Function Presentation     Advanced Function Printing     Advanced Intelligent Tape     Advanced Interactive eXecutive     Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.     Advanced Network Systems Architecture     Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking     Advanced Power Management     Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller     Advanced Program-to-Program Communications     Advanced Research Projects Agency     Advanced Research Projects Agency Network     Advanced Revelation     Advanced RISC Computing Specification     Advanced RISC Machine     Advanced RISC Machines Ltd.     Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface     Advanced Software Environment     Advanced STatistical Analysis Program     Advanced Technology Attachment     Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions     Advanced Video Coding     Advanced WavEffect     Advantage Gen     ADVENT     Adventure Definition Language     ADVSYS     adware     AE     ae     AED     AEGIS     Aegis     Aeolus     AEP     aeroplane rule     AES     AESOP     af     AFAC     AFAIK     affine transformation     affordance     AFIPS     AFJ     AFK     aflex     AFNOR     AFP     AFS     AFUU     ag     agent     aggregate type     aggregation     aggregator     AGL     AGM Theory for Belief Revision     Agner Krarup Erlang     AGORA     AGP     AGP graphics     A Hardware Programming Language     AHDL     AHPL     AI     ai     AIA     AI-complete     AID     AIDA     AIDS     AIDX     AIFF     AI International     Aiken code     AI koan     AIMACO     Aimnet     AIR     AIr MAterial COmmand compiler     airplane rule     AIT     AIX     Ajax     AKC     AKCL     A. K. Erlang     AKL     AL     al     Aladdin Enterprises     Aladdin Systems, Inc.     ALADIN     ALAM     Alan F. Shugart     A-language     A Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy     A Language for Attributed Definitions     A Language with an Extensible Compiler     Alan Kay     Alan M. Turing     Alan Shugart     Alan Turing     ALARP     A-law     ALC     Alcool-90     ALCOR     Aldat     ALDES     ALDiSP     ALEC     ALEF     ALEPH     Aleph     aleph 0     alert     Alex     Alexis     ALF     Alfl     algebra     ALGEBRAIC     algebraic     Algebraic Compiler and Translator     algebraic data type     Algebraic Interpretive Dialogue     Algebraic Logic Functional language     Algebraic Manipulation Package     Algebraic Specification Language     algebraic structure     Algebra of Communicating Processes     ALGOL     ALGOL 58     ALGOL 60     ALGOL 60 Modified     ALGOL 60 Revised     ALGOL 68     ALGOL 68C     ALGOL 68-R     ALGOL 68 Revised     ALGOL 68RS     ALGOL 68S     ALGOL C     ALGOL D     ALGOL N     ALGOL W     ALGOL X     ALGOL Y     algorithim     algorithm     ALgorithm DEScription     ALgorIthmic ASsembly language     Algorithmic Language     Algorithmic Model     Algorithmic Processor Description Language     Algorithmic Test Case Generation     ALGY     ALIAS     alias     aliasing     aliasing bug     Alice     alife     A-Life     ALJABR     al-Khwarizmi     Allegro     all-elbows     ALLIANCE     allow-none     ALLOY     ALM     Aloha     Aloha Net     Alonzo Church     ALP     ALPAK     ALPHA     Alpha     Alpha AXP 21164     alpha/beta pruning     alphabetic language     alpha conversion     Alpha EV6     Alpha Geek     alphanumeric     alpha particle     Alphard     alpha testing     ALPS     alt     ALTAC     Altair 8800     Alta Vista     alt bit     ALTER     Alternating bit protocol     altmode     ALTRAN     alt.sources     ALU     Aluminum Book     Alvey     AM     am     Amanda     A Manufacturing Language     amateur packet radio     Amber     AMBIT     AMBIT/G     AMBIT/L     AMBIT/S     AMBUSH     AMD     AMD 29000     AMD 29027     Amdahl     Amdahl Corporation     Amdahl's Law     AMD Am2901     AMD Am2903     AMD Am2910     AMD K7     American National Standard     American National Standards Institute     American Society of Mechanical Engineers     American Standard Code for Information Interchange     American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.     American Wire Gauge     America On-Line, Inc.     America's Multimedia Online     AMI     Amiga     Amiga E     Aminet     AML     AML/E     AMO     Amoeba     AMP     amper     Ampere     ampersand     AMPL     AMPLE     Amplitude Modulation     amp off     AMPPL-II     AMPS     AMS     AMTRAN     Amulet     an     analog     analog computer     Analog Hardware Design Language     analogue     analogue computer     Analogy Model     analytical CRM     Analytical Engine     Analytical Machine     Analytical Solutions Forum     anchor     ANCP     AND     ANDF     Andorra-I     Andorra Kernel Language     Andorra-Prolog     Andrei Markov     Andrew File System     Andrew Fluegelman     Andrew Message System     Andrew Project     Andrew S. Tanenbaum     Andrew Tanenbaum     Andrew Toolkit     Andy Tanenbaum     An Evolutionary System for On-line Programming     Angel     angle bracket     Anglo-Saxon point     angry fruit salad     ANI     Animated GIF     animation     Animus     ANL     Anna     annealing     annotate     ANNotated Ada     annotation     annoybot     annoyware     Annual Change Traffic     annulled branch     anonymous FTP     ANother Tool for Language Recognition     ANR     ANS     ANSA     ANSI     ANSI C     ANSI Minimal BASIC     ANSI/SPARC     ANSI/SPARC Architecture     ANSI/SPARC model     ANSI X12     ANSI Z39.50     antenna gain     Anthony Hoare     anti-aliasing     antichain     antisymmetric     antivirus     antivirus program     antivirus software     ANTLR     ANU     ANU ML     any key     anytime algorithm     ao     AOCE     AOL     AOP     AOS     APA     Apache     Apache Software Foundation     APAL     APAREL     A PArse REquest Language     APC     APDL     APE     apE     API     APIC     APL     APL2     APLGOL     APLWEB     APM     Apollo Computer     apostrophe     app     APPC     AppKit     APPLE     Apple     Apple Address Resolution Protocol     Apple Attachment Unit Interface     Apple Computer, Inc.     Apple II     Apple Macintosh     Apple Newton     Apple Open Collaboration Environment     AppleScript     Applesoft BASIC     applet     Appletalk     AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol     AppleTalk Filing Protocol     apple-touch-icon     appletviewer     application     Application Binary Interface     Application Configuration Access Protocol     Application Control Architecture     Application Developer     application development     application enablement services     Application environment specification     Application Executive     Application Integration Architecture     application layer     application lifecycle management     Application Portability Architecture     application program     Application Program Interface     Application Programming Interface     Application Protocol Data Unit     Applications Development Manager     application server     Application Service Element     application service provider     applications language     application software     Application Software Installation Server     Application-Specific Integrated Circuit     Applications Programming Interface     applications software     application testing     Application Visualisation System     applicative language     Applicative Language for Digital Signal Processing     applicative order reduction     APPLOG     APPN     approximation algorithm     April Fool's Joke     A Programming Language     APSE     APT     APX III     aq     AQL     ar     arbitrary precision calculator     ARC     arc     Arcade     ArchBSD     archie     Archimedes     architecture     Architecture Neutral Distribution Format     archive     archive site     ARCnet     ARCS     Arctic     arena     ARES     AREV     AREXX     arg     argument     Argus     Ariel     ARI Service     ARITH-MATIC     Arithmetic and Logic Unit     arithmetic mean     arity     arj     Arjuna     ARL     ARM     ARM610     ARM7     ARM710     ARM7500     ARM8     ARM800     ARM Ltd     ARMM     armour-plated     ARP     ARPA     ARPANET     ARQ     array     array processor     Array Processor Assembly Language     Array Theory     arrow key     ART     Artemis microkernel     Artifex     artificial intelligence     Artificial Intelligence Lab     Artificial Life     artificial neural network     Artisoft, Inc.     Artistic license     ARTSPEAK     AS     as     as31     AS400     AS/400     ASA     asap     asbestos     asbestos cork award     asbestos longjohns     ascender     ASCI     ASCII     ASCII art     ASCIIbetical order     ASCIIbonics     ASCII character table     ASCII graphics     ASDIMPL     ASDL     ASDO IMPlementation Language     ASE     A* search     ASF     ash     Ashmedai     Ashton-Tate Corporation     ASIC     Asiliant Technologies     A Simulation Process-Oriented Language     ASIS     ASK     ASL     ASL+     As Low As Reasonably Practicable     ASM     ASME     ASN     ASN.1     ASP     ASPECT     ASpecT     aspect     aspect-oriented programming     aspect ratio     ASPEN     ASPI     ASPIK     Aspirin     ASPLE     ASPOL     ASQC     ASR     assembler     ASSEMBLY     assembly code     Assembly Language     assembly language     Assembly Language Compiler     Assembly Language for Multics     as sensible as a dictionary     assertion     ASSET     asset management     Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology     assigned numbers     assignment     assignment problem     Association Control Service Element     Association for Computational Linguistics     Association for Computing     Association for Computing Machinery     Association for Progressive Communications     Association for SIMULA Users     Association Fran├žaise des Utilisateurs d'Unix     Association of American Publishers     Association of C and C++ Users     Association of Lisp Users     associative array     associative memory     Associative Memory Parallel Processing Language     associativity     AST     ASTAP     AST Computers, LLC     asterisk     asterix     Astra Digital Radio     Astral     AST Research, Inc.     asymmetrical modulation     Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line     Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop     asynchronous     Asynchronous Balanced Mode     Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter     asynchronous logic     Asynchronous Transfer Mode     asyncronous     AT     at     AT-3     ATA     ATA-2     ATA-4     Atanasoff-Berry Computer     Atanasoff, John Vincent     ATAPI     ATA point     Atari     Atari ST     AT Attachment     AT Attachment Packet Interface     AT bus architecture     AtFS     Athena     Atherton Technology     Athlon     ATIS     ATK     ATLAS     Atlas Autocode     ATM     ATM Forum     ATMP     atob     ATOLL     atomic     A Tools Integration Standard     ATRAC     ATS     at sign     AT&T     Attachment Unit Interface     AT&T Bell Labs     attenuation     atto-     attoparsec     attribute     Attributed File System     Attribute Translation System     ATX     au     aubergine     audio     audiographics     audiographic teleconferencing     Audio IFF     AudioOne     Audio Processing Technology     Audio Video Interleave     Augmented Backus-Naur Form     AUI     A'UM     AUP     Aurora     Austin Kyoto Common Lisp     authentication     authoring     autobaud     autobogotiphobia     AutoCAD     Autocode     AUTOCODER     autoconf     autoconfiscate     Autodesk, Inc.     AUTOEXEC.BAT     AUTOGRAF     AUTOGRP     Auto Idle     Autolisp     autoloader     automagically     automata     automata theory     Automated Engineering Design     AUTOmated GRouPing system     Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation     automated testing     AUTOMATH     Automatically Programmed Tools     automatic baud rate detection     automatic hyphenation     Automatic Mathematical TRANslation     Automatic Network Routing     Automatic Number Identification     Automatic Repeat Request     Automatic Send Receive     Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator     automation     Automatische Rechenplanfertigung     automaton     Automatrix, Inc.     Autonomous System     Autonomous System Number     Autopass     autopilot code     autoprojector     AUTO-PROMPT     Autostat     autostereogram     A/UX     auxiliary storage     av     availability     Avalon/C++     Avalon/Common LISP     avatar     AVC     average seek time     AverStar     AVI     Avon     AVS     aw     AWE     AWG     awk     AWT     aXe     AXIOM     axiom     AXIOM*     Axiomatic Architecture Description Language     axiomatic semantics     axiomatic set theory     Axiom of Choice     Axiom of Comprehension     axiom schema     AXLE     ayacc     AYT     az     AZERTY