configuration item


Hardware or software, or an aggregate of both, which is designated by the project configuration manager (or contracting agency) for configuration management.

Last updated: 1996-05-29

configuration management

<job, system management>

A discipline applying technical and administrative controls to identifying, documentating and reporting on configuration items, their physical and functional characteristics and changes to characteristics of those configuration items.

Change management is one aspect of configuration management but may also refer to the softer, human side of getting people to adapt to changing processes and organisation.

Source code management or "code management" is configuration management applied to code through the various stages of the software life-cycle.

Last updated: 2014-01-21

configuration programming


An approach that advocates the use of a separate configuration language to specify the coarse-grain structure of programs. Configuration programming is particularly attractive for concurrent, parallel and distributed systems that have inherently complex program structures.

Darwin is an example of a configuration language.

Last updated: 1995-03-14

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