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A Microsoft file format for distributing a collection of HTML files, along with their associated images, sounds, etc., as a single compressed archive file.

Microsoft use this format for Windows HTML Help files. Most chms include a project (.hhp) file listing the included files and basic settings, a contents (.hhc) file, an index (.hhk) file, html files, and, optionally, image files.

Users view chms with hh.exe, the HTML Help viewer installed with Internet Explorer.

Filename extension: .chm.

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A program that converts another program from some source language (or programming language) to machine language (object code). Some compilers output assembly language which is then converted to machine language by a separate assembler.

A compiler is distinguished from an assembler by the fact that each input statement does not, in general, correspond to a single machine instruction or fixed sequence of instructions. A compiler may support such features as automatic allocation of variables, arbitrary arithmetic expressions, control structures such as FOR and WHILE loops, variable scope, input/ouput operations, higher-order functions and portability of source code.

AUTOCODER, written in 1952, was possibly the first primitive compiler. Laning and Zierler's compiler, written in 1953-1954, was possibly the first true working algebraic compiler.

See also byte-code compiler, native compiler, optimising compiler.

Last updated: 1994-11-07

COmpiler and GENeralized Translator


(COGENT) A compiler writing language with pattern-directed string and list processing features, for CDC 3600 and CDC 3800. A COGENT program consists of productions defining a context-free language, plus analysis and synthesis function generators.

["COGENT Programming Manual", J.C. Reynolds, ANL-7022, Argonne, Mar 1965].

[Sammet 1969, p.638].

["An Introduction to the COGENT System", J.C. Reynolds, Proc ACM 20th Natl Conf, 1965].

Last updated: 1994-12-23

compiler compiler



An early compiler generator for the Atlas, with its own distinctive input language.

["The Compiler-Compiler", R.A. Brooker et al, Ann Rev Automatic Programming 3:229-275, Pergamon 1963].

Last updated: 1994-10-24


A utility to generate the source code of a parser, interpreter or compiler from an annotated language description (usually in BNF). Most so called compiler-compilers are really just parser generators.

Examples are Bison, Eli, FSL, META 5, MUG2, Parsley, Pre-cc, Yacc.

Last updated: 1995-01-23

compiler jock

A programmer who specialises in writing compilers.

[Jargon File]

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Compiler Language for Information Processing

(CLIP) A language written in 1958-1959, based on IAL, which led to JOVIAL. CLIP was one of the first languages used to write its own compiler.

[Sammet 1969, p. 635].

Last updated: 1994-12-12

Compiler Target Language

(CTL) The intermediate language used by the ALICE parallel machine.

["The Design and Implementation of ALICE: A Parallel Graph Reduction Machine", M.D. Cripps et al, Proc Workshop on Graph Reduction, Springer 1987].

Last updated: 1994-11-14

compile time


The period of time during which a program's source code is being translated into machine code, as opposed to run time when the program is being executed. As well as the work done by the compiler, this may include macro preprocessing as done by cpp for example. The final stage of program construction, performed by the linker, would generally also be classed as compile time but might be distinguished as link time.

For example, static data in a C program is allocated at compile time whereas non-static data is allocated at run time, typically on the stack.

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