What you said about the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing

Here are a few comments I've received about the dictionary over the years.
I work in presales technical support for Sun. I need a fast, definative and accurate source of external info on some issues. You are it, I use no other internet dictionary. Many thanks for all the good work, and for keeping it free.
-- keith poyser
You could begin a whole new career just by following the cross references! An excellent tool - please don't let it die!
-- Neil Hardie, 1997-01-23
I was searching the web for a glossary of some kind for computers. I found a few, but nothing that I wanted. Finally, I came across this. This is exactly what I wanted and needed. I just want to tell you that this is probably one of the best sites that I have ever seen on the Internet. It was complete, exact, detailed, and could be used by both beginners and advanced users. Thanks for your excellent work!
-- Damon Enright, 1997-01-30
I am a patent attorney and I prepare patents on many different computer technologies. The Computing Dictionary is a wonderful tool for me, as I often need quick general definitions. I thank you for this tool, and keep up the good work!
-- Steven Funk
I looked for quite a while in a Barns and Noble. I found a book all about it. But no where could I find what RPG meant. Thank you. I am happy with the world. In doing a Lycos search for "computer dictionary", I had to sift through many $$$ books to find your site. I appreciate the fact that you exist. I hope the Internet does not become some heinous complex info-mercial. Your efforts are appreciated.
-- John Sullivan, 1997-04-06
Your Dictionary of Computing is extremely helpful to me. I am a technical recruiter and have bookmarked your adderess to look up unfamiliar terms. I use it every day and have told many others of your site. You have no idea how helpful your dictionary is to me. I cannot find techies who know many of the terms. Thanks again for providing such a great service.
-- Lonnie Duke, 1997-06-27
I felt this site is good enough that it requires heaps of truely heartfelt praise to insure all involved that their work is not in vain! I appreciate the effort that was put into this page, and I hope its obvious usefulness is noticed by the powers that be so that your work may continue to reach plain folk such as myself who are interested in learning more about these creatures of torment and amusement that sit on all of our desks and laugh at us when we make silly "user errors". Maybe that's "going over the edge" a bit, but I hope you got a chuckle out of it! I sincerely appreciate this site and your hard work! Thanks!
-- Steven Goldstein, 1997-09-08
Just wanted to say a big thank you, I use your service all the time and it was indirectly responsible for helping me get my current job which is Business Development Manager for a Database Software Company called DISC. Anyway, Thanks again.
-- Boyd Goodfellow, 1997-09-25
I find FOLDOC to be one of the best resources on the web, period. I am a computer science undergrad and will be graduating in June. I consistently use FOLDOC while reading text books for classes as an information resource and a more-than-handy clarification device. I wanted to express my kudos for FOLDOC and express my thanks for an excellent resource for the computer scientist.
-- Jeff Solin, 1997-09-25
I came across your site while trying to find some definitions that I needed to, hopefully, sound intellegent on a job interview. I found everything I needed with a minimum of searching. Thanks. I have a nine month old, and today is not a good day for him, so I was able to do this while he was napping, 'cause he was not about to let me go into a library and look this stuff up.
-- Bob Vergis, 1997-11-03
I just wanted to say "thank you" to those responsible for FOLDOC. I recently began a new job as a recruiter, specifically an IT recruiter. I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it can be for someone like me to wade through the multitude of abbreviations, acronyms and jargon. I found your web site my first week here (thankfully!) and use it as my primary resource for learning about the technical background of the candidates I work with. Everyone in the office now has your site listed in their "favorites". Thank you again for providing such an invaluable resource to those of us who need it.
-- David Booth, 1997-12-29
Just a brief note to thank you for the computing dictionary. Microsoft has just released a computing dictionary (with a CDROM) for $30.00. It fails to define 'chad' - your free one does.
-- Dave Truslow
Need a def. for "Commodity Internet". Got one? Searched all the online sources I could find, some have it used in text context but nowhere found a def. Thanks,
-- Drew Schaefer

DBH replies:
I'm sorry to say I haven't. If I had one it would be in the dictionary, that's where I put definitions. I thought it was quite a clever system - I put definitions in the dictionary so you can search for them there. This should save you wasting your time sending me messages asking for definitions and it should save me wasting my time replying to you.

Bizarrely, it doesn't seem to work all the time. Some special customers seem to think I might keep a few definitions "under the counter" just for them. Since these people are obviously badly in need of help, it saddens me to have to turn them away empty handed.

I won't take up too much of your time, but I did want to send to you this compliment on your Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing. FOLDOC is probably the best computer dictionary available in the realm of both print and on-line dictionaries. I recently purchased "The Best Computer Dictionary in Print" - "Webster's New World Dictionary of Computer Terms" (Sixth Edition) by Bryan Pfaffenberger. After reading a few entries, I was apalled. Linux was defined as "freeware" and GNU wasn't ever defined. The GPL was defined as something the OSF put together that supported software that was free unless it was used for some commercial use. It took me hours just to drag my jaw off of the floor. (I only mention a few of the blasphemies in the book) I immediately mailed the author, a professor at UVA who apparently has written over fifty books about computers.

Your dictionary never has disappointed me and has quite often impressed me. I have put links to it on support pages at the ISP I help administrate. I always refer it to friends wishing to learn more about computers.

Anyway - I believe I've ranted enough. I just really wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate all of your efforts and the efforts of everyone else involved. You have put together a wonderful reference tool that is very useful and extremely helpful. I send my thanks. :)
-- Ted Pavlic

Many thanks to the creators and contributors of the Free Online Dictionary of Computing. I was working on my web site and realized I'd never sent a letter to the maintainers of this database to say a most heartfelt thank you.

About three years ago, I was in about the lowest point in my life. I was working as a waiter in a restaurant for $2.75 an hour plus tips. My car had been repossessed, I was spending all my tips on cabs to get to work, rent was long overdue with eviction imminent. I had become emotionally convinced I would never be worth more than $2.75 as a human being.

I was fortunate to have a good friend working for America Online, who submitted my resume and got me an interview. I did get the job, but that only lasted a year and a half, and when AOL laid off the entire department, it looked like my life was about to come crashing back down again, as AOL had taught me little about computers and networking.

During my tenure at AOL, I had found the FOLDOC and spent many a late night browsing its contents. Often I would still be in my chair when the morning shift came in. I learned everything related to networking I could find in the Dictionary, and used the terms, links, and definitions to search the web for more information.

When the time came to go out to interview, I had learned enough to convince a hiring manager at a major telecommunications company that I was competent enough to work on the backbone of the internet. My career had officially taken off.

Today I have far exceeded the database's knowlege in internetworking, but I still point friends, new engineers, and the curious to your site. I put in the time and effort, but if it wasn't for your excellent Dictionary, I wouldn't have had such an easy and effective starting point for my self-education. I needed you and your contributors to know that your efforts have had a very large and positive impact on my career and through that, my life. I wanted to share my most heartfelt thanks for creating this wonderful resource.
-- John Patterson "InetDaemon", 1999-08-29

Denis, if you were a hot chick in a bathing suit, I would be more inclined to have babies with you. And seeing that I don't play on the dark side, I won't be having any sort of babies with you. But I did want to let you know that your site is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I use it every day and it's an invaluable resource for me. I am returning my paper bound computer dictionary to Amazon today, because yours is better, by far. Please keep up the good work!
-- Jon Macklin, 2000-04-05

I am at college (night class) and am working my way through an HND in computing, I hope to be able to do a degree as well. I have to say that I have found it heavy going at times, but this site has been a life-saver on more than one occasion, if I had to sum it up in words I would say, "It's the dog's bollocks". Keep up the good work!
-- Henry T Henderson, 2001-02-09

Thank you so much for bringing FOLDOC back online. It is resource that I rely on a lot as a technical instructor. I direct all my "newbie" tech students to this page as it is simple, plain, straight forward information. I hope the site will remain up & running. I, like many, would be willing to assist if you need it.
-- Bob Kinney, 2009-05-05

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