applicative language


A functional language. Sometimes used loosely for any declarative language though logic programming languages are declarative but not applicative.

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Applicative Language for Digital Signal Processing


(ALDiSP) A functional language with special features for real-time I/O and numerical processing, developed at the Technical University of Berlin in 1989.

["An Applicative Real-Time Language for DSP - Programming Supporting Asynchronous Data-Flow Concepts", M. Freericks <[email protected]> in Microprocessing and Microprogramming 32, N-H 1991].

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applicative order reduction


An evaluation strategy under which an expression is evaluated by repeatedly evaluating its leftmost innermost redex. This means that a function's arguments are evaluated before the function is applied. This method will not terminate if a function is given a non-terminating expression as an argument even if the function is not strict in that argument. Also known as call-by-value since the values of arguments are passed rather than their names. This is the evaluation strategy used by ML, Scheme, Hope and most procedural languages such as C and Pascal.

See also normal order reduction, parallel reduction.

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