sense 2, above) To abuse

any network service or tool by for promotional purposes.

"AltaVista is an index, not a promotional tool. Attempts to fill it with promotional material lower the value of the index for everyone. [...] We will disallow URL submissions from those who spam the index. In extreme cases, we will exclude all their pages from the index." -- Altavista.

<jargon, programming>

4. To crash a program by overrunning a fixed-size buffer with excessively large input data.

See also buffer overflow, overrun screw, smash the stack.

<chat, games>

5. (A narrowing of sense 1, above) To flood any chat forum or Internet game with purposefully annoying text or macros. Compare Scrolling.

Last updated: 2003-09-21

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is sort of like thesense 2, above) To abusessions fromalso {buffer overflow}, {overrun screw}, {smash the stack}.

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