pedagogical languages based on {Markov

algorithms}, used in Higman's report (below). The other languages are Brilliant, Diamond, Nonpareil, and Pearl.

["Nonpareil, a Machine Level Machine Independent Language for the Study of Semantics", B. Higman, ULICS Intl Report No ICSI 170, U London (1968)].

Last updated: 1994-10-27

3. A fully object oriented interpreted scripting language by Yukihiro Matsumoto <[email protected]>.

Similar in scope to Perl and Python, Ruby has high-level data types, automatic memory management, dynamic typing, a module system, exceptions, and a rich standard library. Other features are CLU-style iterators for loop abstraction, singleton classes/methods and lexical closures.

In Ruby, everything is an object, including the basic data types. For example, the number 1 is an instance of class Fixnum.

Current version (stable): 1.6.7, as of 2002-03-01.

Ruby Home.

Ruby Central.

["Programming Ruby - The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide", David Thomas, Andrew Hunt, Yukihiro Matsumoto pub. Addison Wesley 2000].

Last updated: 2002-06-19

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7) pedagogical languages based on {Markovareil}, andOther features are {CLU}-style {iterators} for {loop

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