Extended C++


EC++ extended by G. Masotti <[email protected]> with preconditions, postconditions and class invariants, parameterised classes, exception handling and garbage collection. EC++ translates Extended C++ into C++.

Last updated: 1989-10-10

Extended Capabilities Port


(ECP) A parallel printer interface for IBM PC compatibles, supported by several, mainly US, manufacturers.

Not to be confused with the more common Enhanced Capabilities Port.

Last updated: 1997-12-01

Extended Concurrent Prolog


(ECP) Concurrent Prolog with OR parallelism, set abstraction and meta-inference features.

["AND-OR Queuing in Extended Concurrent Prolog", J. Tanaka et al, Proc Logic Prog Conf '85, LNCS 193, Springer 1985].

Last updated: 1994-12-01

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