be very carefully designed, and the signals

on the Rambus Channel use nonstandard signal levels, making it incompatible with standard system logic. These disadvantages are compensated by a very fast data transfer, especially for burst accesses to a block of successive locations.

A number of different refresh modes can be included in some of the above device varieties:

RAS\ only refresh: a row is refreshed by an ordinary read access without asserting CAS\. The data output remains disabled.

CAS\ before RAS\ refresh: the device has a built-in counter for the refresh row address. By activating CAS\ before activating RAS\, this counter is selected to supply the row address instead of the address inputs.

Self-Refresh: The device is able to generate refresh cycles internally. No external control signal transitions other than those for bringing the device into self-refresh mode are needed to maintain data integrity.

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be very carefully designed, and the signalsivating CAS\ before

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