{PoP} provides {leased line}

connections at a cheaper rate for those customers in the central 0171 area. Further lines and PoPs are being added continuously.

Subscribers get allocated an Internet Address and can choose a hostname within the demon.co.uk domain. They can have any number of e-mail address at that host.

In October 1994 Demon confirmed a large contract with the major telecommunications provider Energis. They will supply guaranteed bandwidth to Demon's 10Mb/s backbone from several cities and towns. Several PoPs will be phased out and replaced with others during 1995.

E-mail: <[email protected]>.



Usenet newsgroup: demon.announce.

Telephone: +44 (181) 349 0063.

Address: Demon Internet Ltd., 42 Hendon Lane, Finchley, London N3 1TT, UK.

Last updated: 1994-11-08

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